Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our Week In Review (Jul 6th-11th)

This summer has been going by way too fast!  July is almost half over already.  Back to school sales have started up and the blazing temperatures have begun!

My dishwasher died this week.  It is about 6 1/2 years old and has been having issues for a long time. Art told me earlier in the week that it wouldn't make it much longer and the next day it broke.  So I have spent a lot of time washing dishes this week, even with the paper plates and cups I bought.

My children love having a garden.  I am not very good at growing things, but have managed to have an ok sized garden the last few years that things actually grew in!  Every day they are out looking in the garden to see the bees and butterflies and look to see if anything new is growing or if anything is ready to be picked.

Anthony took these pictures of the garden this week.

The day after we took the pictures we were checking out the garden again and we had some critters move in on our tomato plants.  These tomato horn worms were really creepy looking and hard to get off the plants!  Christian helped me out though and we got rid of 12 or so.  Later that night we found a few more.  I bought some stuff to spray that will hopefully get rid of them for good!

Monday we had archery. ( I had an archery photo that must've been deleted off my phone.  I am having memory issues.)

Tuesday was a stay home day!

Wednesday Anthony had an appointment and I had to get my teeth cleaned.  In between we got to check out the new Dollar Tree.  He was quite impressed!

Thursday was a stay home day!

Friday we packed a picnic lunch and met some friends at the park.  It was quite warm outside but we had a lot of shade.  We had a great visit.

Saturday was a busy day for us.  We headed to Texarkana after breakfast.  We went to the Build and Grow workshop first and they made Black Widow's Sky Cycle.  After that it was almost time for our movie so we left and headed to the movies. After the movie we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and then back to Lowe's to buy a dishwasher and a few other things we needed.  Then I had to buy shoes for 4 of the children.  Next we headed to Sam's Club.  We finally made it back home about 7:00 that night.

Can I just say how much I love the teamwork here?  Nick helped Emelia, Alex helped Lily, Art was with Anthony which left poor Christian with his not so handy mom but we got it figured out!

In school this week we continued our Passport Ancient Egypt study. So far we have completed up to stop #12.

Anthony and Christian completed levels 26 and 27 of All About Reading Level 2.

Nick is plugging along through Cursive Logic.

Lillian finished the last unit of My Father's World Creation From A to Z.

One of the activities was to mix colors to make other colors.  Then we finger painted.  Well, Emmie finger painted, Lillian used q tips.

I am trying to figure out my finalized plans for our curriculum choices for next year.  I still have a few things that are undecided, but I have the major categories covered.

Happy Homeschooling!
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