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Our Family

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 22

Those that still worry about homeschoolers not getting enough socialization should take a look at our schedule each week!  More often then not we have to pick and choose and say no to opportunities just because there are so many options available, even in a small town ;)

Week 22 In Our Homeschool

Bible: We completed lessons 96, 97 and 98 in Bible Study Guide For All Ages.
Poor Anthony was trying to do his Bible worksheet and Anna really wanted to play ball

History: We completed lessons 55-57 in Vol III of Mystery of History on Samuel de Champlain and Henry Hudson, John Smyth, and The Marriage of Pocahontas.  We also did the timeline figures and memory cards and answered the test questions aloud.  Someday we will get back on track with the mapping/geography lessons.

Science: Since we finished reading Chapter 12 on Electricity in Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics, all we had left to do this week was the notebook journal assignments.  But we are also working on a review of Visual Learning Systems, so we completed the worksheets on electricity for both the primary and middle/high school level, and did one of the experiments and built a model of an atom.

Grammar/Writing/Literature-Christian's Lightning Lit assignments this week were based on the book Stellaluna.  At the end of the week we watched the Stellaluna movie we found on Netflix streaming.  Christian kept commenting on how it wasn't very much like the book, but it was cute.  Anthony read The Big Wave this week.  Nick and Alex completed Lesson 19 of Fix It! Grammar and started (but didn't finish) Lesson 15 of Medieval Writing.

I found this painting of The Great Wave that I thought went well with this story

Spelling/Reading-Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 7 of AAR Level 2.  Alex started Lesson 26 of Level 4 of AAS.

Math- Nick finished Lesson 22 of Pre Algebra.  Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 21 of Beta and Gamma and I am happy to say that Alex has begun to grasp long division and he will be moving on to his next lesson of Delta next week

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

It didn't seem like we had a lot of time to spend on this this week.  We started the letter "g" for goat last week Thursday.  MFW units are scheduled to take 6 days each, but occasionally we finish in 5 days.  We watched a video from Visual Learning Systems on mammals.  We read about goats and looked at pictures of the different kind of goats.  Lily completed her picture card envelop for g, did a sound discrimination page, a baby animals worksheet, and made farm animal puppets.  She started learning about telling time and did a "g" handwriting page.  She also made her goat badge that says "Jesus Died For My Sins."   We will finish up "g" this week.

We went back and looked at the pictures of when we went to the Drive Through Safari and petting zoo and got to feed some goats.  This was in 2012.  Lily remembered it she said but she was amazed at how little hair she had!

Some other cute photos this week

Emmie doing some "school work"

The girls just had to play that Cupid's Arrow game again

The girls wanted me to include these pictures of the Playdough Mermaids they made.

Other Activities

Archery was Monday.  I am happy to say the weather was beautiful!!

Tuesday was Gymnastics.

Followed by the 4 H Bread Workshop.

Wednesday was our Grandview Co-op.

Thursday was the first time in over a week we got to stay home!!

Friday we were off to the grocery store and had to drop off spring soccer forms.  Soccer should be starting in a week or so.

Saturday was Valentine's Day.  We had a Valentine Egg hunt (more on that in an upcoming review) and I made cherry ice cream floats for the children for dessert.

Happy Homeschooling!

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