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Our Family

Friday, February 13, 2015

February Grandview Program and Art Co-op

The day before our January Grandview program and art co-op was scheduled, Alex was sick.  I didn't want to be away from him for that long so I rescheduled the programs.  The day I rescheduled them for did not work for several of the families that attend and we just ended up not having the programs in January and waiting instead to our regular day (the second Wednesday of each month) for February.

Aneesah usually does our programs but she was away on a mission trip so Caleb stepped in to do our program.  The program topic was on White Tail Deer.  He gave a talk to the children about white tail deer such as some of their features, what they like to eat, and what types of habitats they are found in.

They got to hold some antlers and a hoof.

We headed outside for a nature walk to look for signs of deer. They were excited to see some rubbings on the trees and a hoof print.

Our craft was to draw and decorate a doe, buck, and/or a fawn.  There were lots of supplies available that each child could be very creative in making their pictures.

For our art co-op we learned about Michelangelo.  I made a slide show for the children with some of his most famous works.  Because of the "content" of some of his works and the ages of our children, I used a head shot for the statue of David, a large area shot of the Sistine Chapel and then some smaller shots of the face of God and just the hands of God and Adam almost touching.  We filled out a notebook sheet with some information on Michelangelo and his works.

Our project was to paint a fresco plaque using water colors.  But, I had never used the plaster we had available and it had warnings on it not to let children touch it!  So instead of using plaster we used air dry clay.  The children added some water to it and made it a litter wetter and painted water colors on it.  A few of them wanted to make actual sculptures with the clay so those that wanted to did :)

Happy Homeschooling!
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