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Our Family

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 21

Our homeschool day usually goes from 9:30-11:00 and then 12:30 -2:00.  From 11:00-12:30 is lunch and recess.  Well, recess for the children.  I'm usually making and cleaning up lunch cleaning the kitchen and starting another load of laundry.  But when 2:00 comes (or soon after on the few days we go over) it is time for my recess.  I take some time to relax, usually by reading for 30 minutes or so. Two days a week we have activities in the afternoon and I do not get an opportunity to have my rest time.  Not getting a break 2 days a week isn't so bad but for the last week, we have been so busy that we have had to be someplace every single day and I have not had much time to get a break in, and I am tired!!! Those rest times are important mamas!  We need to remember that!!  We don't do our children or husband any good if we are worn out and cranky.

Week 21 in Our Homeschool

Bible: This week we completed lessons 92 93 94 and 95 in Bible Study Guide For All Ages.

History: This week in History we completed lessons 52-54 in Vol III of Mystery of History on Don Quixote, Australian Aborigines, and The Founding of Jamestown.  We completed the corresponding time line figures and memory cards.

Science: We finished reading chapter 12 on electricity in Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics.  We have studied electricity and magnetism in depth when we did a unit on it from Moving Beyond the Page so it is a familiar topic. We are also working on a review of a website called Visual Learning Systems which is an online science website that has videos, worksheets, and activities and experiments on a number of different topics for primary, elementary, and middle and high school students.  I had the younger children watch a video on electricity and then had Nick and Alex watch the one for middle/high school age students.  Next week we will work on some of the worksheets and activities to go along with electricity.

Grammar/Writing/Literature: Christian completed his lesson in Lightning Lit on Mabela the Clever.  Anthony finished up Ramona and Her Father and started working on another poetry lesson. Nick and Alex finished Lesson 18 of Fix It! Grammar and the three of us finished up Lesson 14 of Medieval History lessons on Writing With Pictures.

Spelling/Reading: Alex finished Lesson 25 of Level 4 of AAS.  Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 6 of AAR Level 2.

Math: Nick finished Lesson 21 of Pre-Algebra.  Christian and Anthony finished lesson 20 of Beta and Gamma.  I worked with Alex all week on long division.  It just may do us both in!  After 3 weeks we still have mastered it so we will be working on it more this week.

Other: Christian and Anthony worked several days with the WeDo LEGO robotics set.  They built and programmed cheering fans at a soccer game,  a helicopter and a sleeping giant that woke up. Then they played around a little bit and built and programmed a few things that they made up.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

We continued on our study of Insects.  Visual Learning Systems had an insect video for the primary ages, so we watched that video to go along with the rest of our studies.  We had talked about ants and ladybugs last week and moved on to bees this week.  We did a bee painting, drew hexagons, made homemade granola bars with honey, read the Bee Tree, and sang the Ants Go Marching In.  Lily also did a drawing page, cut and paste page, and a blend ladder page.  She was excited to find part of an old bee hive out in the yard.

We finished Insects on Wednesday so on Thursday we started on letter "g" for goat.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday was archery practice.  It was chilly but not as bad as last week!  Only 7 children showed up to practice so they got to shoot 5 rounds and we were done in 45 minutes.

Tuesday was gymnastics.  We also ran to the library.

Wednesday was a stay home day!!

Thursday was gymnastics again.  We had to make up for the day the teacher was out of town last week.  I dropped Lily off and ran across the street with Emmie to do our grocery shopping.  Some may think it's easier to only shop with one child.  That is not necessarily true!  With it being just me and her there is no one to watch her and having only an hour it was a challenge to get done.  Plus I had to put it all on the belt myself get it all in the buggy myself and load it all in the van myself. We made it back with 7 minutes to spare.

Friday was our Homeschool Valentine Party.  I also had to run into Walmart for the three things I had forgotten the day before :)

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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