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Our Family

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 20

We only ended up with 3 days in our homeschool week.  We had an opportunity to have some friends over for a play date on Wednesday so we took off of school.  Love the flexibility of homeschooling!

Week 20 In Our Homeschool

Bible: We completed lessons 89,90, and 91 in Bible Study Guide For All Ages.

History: This week we completed lessons 49-51 on William Shakespeare, Tokugawa Japan, and Sir Francis Bacon and the Age of Reason.  We also completed the time line figures and memory cards to go along with these lessons.  I cannot believe how much history I have learned by reading aloud these lessons in MOH to my children.  I never knew before that there was a theory that William Shakespeare was not the real author of all of those plays and sonnets!  Did you know that?

Science: Last week in Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics we finished reading  chapter 11 on Thermal Energy.  This week we got to do some fun experiments to go along with the chapter, and we also completed the copy work and vocabulary notebooking assignments.

We talked about how heat goes from a warmer source to a colder source and demonstrated this by melting M&M's in our hands.

We did an experiment putting peanut butter on a plastic, metal, and wooden spoon and placing them in hot water to see which one was the best conductor of heat.

 We talked about the 3 things that fire needs and showed what happens when you take away the oxygen.
 We created did an experiment with vinegar, a lit candle, and baking soda.  The loved this one!
 And we built a solar oven and attempted to cook a tortilla.  Unfortunately our reflector got knocked over and by the time we fixed it the sun was much lower in the sky.  We may try it again on the next really sunny day.

Grammar/Writing/Literature: Christian's Lightning Lit book this week was Make Way For  Ducklings.  I love that book and others by Robert McCloskey.  Anthony is still reading Ramona and Her Father.  Nick and Alex did lesson 17 of Fix It! Grammar and started Lesson 14 of IEW Medieval Literature.  This lesson is on writing from pictures.  While my boys do very well with IEW when it comes to key word outlines, writing from pictures is a bit out of their comfort zone (their minds are a bit literal for creative writing), so we will work on this lesson again next week altogether.

Reading/Spelling-Anthony and Christian continued on with lesson 5 in AAR Level 2.  Alex completed Lesson 24 of Level 4 of AAS.

Math- Nick finished lesson 20 of Pre-Algebra.  Anthony and Christian finished lesson 19 of their books.  Alex struggled with lesson 19 of Delta, and actually he struggled with lesson 18 as well.  I have spent a lot of time with him on math the last couple of weeks, so rather than move on and continue struggling, him and I are going to spend next week working on the concepts of lesson 18 and 19, long division, and hope he grasps a better understanding this week, for both of our sakes ;)

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

We only did MFW 2 days this week, Monday and Tuesday.  As I said above we had friends over on Wednesday and we had to leave the house early on Thursday and never got to Lily's work.  So we are still working on insects.  Monday we learned about ants and Tuesday we learned about ladybugs. She did a handwriting page, sound discrimination page, math page, and cut and paste page.  She made an ant badge that says "I am a wise child, so I work hard."  We read the grouchy ladybug and also made a felt ladybug.

Lily made a happy ladybug and a grouchy ladybug out of paper plates to act out this story

Other Activities This Week

Archery was postponed on Monday and moved to Thursday.  Gymnastics was cancelled Tuesday and the class is supposed to be made up next week.

Wednesday we had a great play date at our house.

Thursday we had archery club.  I picked up a friend's little boy on our way and the girls got to stay at their house and play with their little girls.

We were planning on eating pizza at the park, but a cold front literally came blowing through during archery.  Instead we ate in the van.

After that we had a 4 H meeting on money.

Friday is our usual grocery day.  The little girls wanted to go with me, but the boys wanted to stay home. They can do that when Chelsea is home.  First we went to Brookshires to see what was left. It was sad.  The store is pretty much cleaned out.  Then we headed to Walmart.  We were about halfway done when Art called me to see if we wanted to go out to lunch.  We were quite excited to be invited to lunch!  I called Chelsea and told her and asked her to grab the boys something from Sonic.  We met daddy at La Villa.

Saturday we worked on Valentine boxes for our homeschool party that is on February 6th.  I am waiting until next week to post the pictures of those since a few of them are not finished.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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