Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 24, 2014

October Nature Seekers 4 H Meeting

I had a parent ask me if they could do a program for the October meeting.  Not only that, she also offered to do the snack!  Yay!  Of course I said yes!!  I am very willing for any parent to take over and do a program for a meeting :)

Since the weather has been nice and the topic was going to be fall, we decided to have the meeting at the park.  The children took a nature walk looking for birds and pine cones.  We did not see any birds but they found lots of pine cones and enjoyed the nature walk.

Then we came back and talked about what kind of things are different in the fall than in the summer.  Then they talked about the different types of birds that fly south for the winter.

Then they did a craft.  The plan was to make pine cone bird feeders, but oops the peanut butter was left behind.  So instead, they drew birds with glue and glued bird seed on it.

For our community service project, we did Operation Christmas Child boxes.  Our club brought items and packed 5 boxes.  Those will be sent to the local collection center in a few weeks and shipped out. I think OCC is a great service project for young children.

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