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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 8

This week didn't exactly go as planned.  I had laryngitis for a few days.  The mornings seemed to be ok, but as the day progressed I had less and less of a voice, so we did not get everything done as I had planned.  Then there were some extra things that I wanted to get done too.  Saturday was supposed to be a rainy day so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to finish up our lapbooks on animal classification, work on a Lego WeDo lesson, make playdough with the girls, and do a few science experiments.  But, I had a terrible headache and instead of doing all of those things, I did pretty much nothing all day long.  There will be other opportunities to do all of those things another day.

So what did we get done this week?

Week 8 in our Homeschool

Bible:  We are taking a break from What on Earth Can I Do? and instead reading from Purposeful Design, a new review we are working on by Jay Schabacker.  We are also using the coordinating study guide.  This week we read through the introduction, chapter one, and chapter two.  We also are still reading through iWitness Old Testament from Apologia.

History: We completed Lessons 13-15 in Mystery of History Vol III on Michelangelo, Artists of the Northern Renaissance, and Erasmus writing In Praise of Folly.  We completed the corresponding Memory Cards and Timeline Figures.  By the way, I was pleasantly surprised that the boys recognized the artists names we were studying and even remembered some of their artwork.  They do pay attention to those random art appreciation paintings I have around the house :)

Science: We finished up reading Chapter 5 in Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics.  Several of the experiments were ones that we have already done like making butter and color changing milk.  A few we will do this week since we didn't get to on Saturday.  We also did another Fascinating Chemistry lesson for a review we are working on.

One of the experiments we did get to though.  Learning about homogeneous mixtures by making chocolate chip cookies.  The girls we more than willing to bake the cookies.  The boys were more than willing to eat them!

Spelling:  Alex got out of spelling all week long because of my voice, and instead of doing an new spelling lesson I had Anthony and Christian read aloud to me from their AAR Level 2 reader.

Literature/Writing/Grammar- Christian is reading The Hello, Goodbye Window this week in literature.  We will be finishing it up next week because we missed two days and he has not been able to start his paper yet about his favorite place in the house.  I had never read the Hello Goodbye Window before.  It is a really cute story.  Anthony is still reading Rickshaw Girl.  We are on week 4 of Lightning Literature Grade 3.  He too will be continuing on week 4 next week since we missed two days this week.  The paper he is working on is an instructional paper.  Nick and Alex completed Lesson 7 of Fix It! Grammar and Lesson 6 of IEW Medieval History Writing Lessons.

Language: Nick completed Lesson 33 of Visual Latin 2 and Alex completed Lesson 2 of Chinese.

Math: Each child completed another week of Math U See.  One thing that has absolutely amazed me is how much easier multiplication is for Anthony than addition and subtraction was.  That is definitely a good thing!

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

We finished up with the unit on leaves this week.  We took our leaves out of the plant press, laminated them, and put them in their folders.  One of her worksheets was to draw pictures of things starting with the letter "L."  She built things with her math rods that start with "L."  We read Caps for Sale for our literature book and counted leaves in the book.  We did not do our regular school work on Wednesday since we went to Grandview.  Thursday we started the unit on A and apples.

Other Activities this week:

We had soccer Monday night and Thursday night.  The older boys only have a few games left until the tournament.  Christian will be playing until the end of the month.  Lily had gymnastics on Tuesday.  She is doing really well and picking up on new things very quickly!  She has a great time at gymnastics.

Wednesday we went to Grandview for our once a month Science/Art Co-op.  We had a great time!

Friday we had to go grocery shopping and we were finally for the first time this school year able to meet some friends at the park to play.  We used to go every Friday for years, and the children have really been missing it.

Chelsea was there too, but the picture I took of her did not turn out good so she asked me not to post it.

Our kitten made out well at the vet on Monday and he has been doing much better.  They seem to be adjusting to our house just fine and are very happy as long as they are together.

All 8 baby bunnies are doing great!  Olaf is doing a great job caring for her babies.  They are now 10 days old and are getting really big!  They are growing fur and should be opening their eyes soon.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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