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Our Family

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 9

This week was a bot more normal in our homeschool.  Most of us had a full week of school, but Nick and Alex each had headaches on different days that excused them from part of their school work.  The day Nick had a headache, he fell asleep on the couch and slept almost 3 hours!  When he woke up he felt much better though, so he definitely needed that sleep.

Week 9 in Our Homeschool:

Bible: We are still working on Purposeful Design during our Bible time.  We read one section per day and answer the questions from the study guide orally.  We have one more section to finish up next week.  We are also almost finished with New Testament iWitness and should finish that up this week.  After we finish these two things we will go back to What On Earth Can I Do?  and I am thinking we will start a new read aloud on a missionary.

History:  We completed lessons 16-18 in Mystery of History Vol III on Niccolo Machiavelli and The Prince, Raphael, and Martin Luther and his 95 Theses.  We also did the corresponding mapping assignments, memory cards, and timeline figures.

Science:  We did the notebooking journal assignments for lesson 5 in Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics and also two experiments that we did not get to last week.  One of them was an experiment learning about solvents that you needed to make chocolate milk for has been repeated several times this week in our house :)  We also completed another lesson of Fascinating Chemistry.

Spelling: Alex completed Step 18 in AAS Level 4.  Anthony and Christian finished Step 6 in AAS Level 2.  I have never really done spelling with Nick.  He did use a free computer spelling program one year and I tried A Reason For Spelling with him one year, but he has always been a good natural speller so it was just not something I thought was necessary.

Language: Nick was working on Lesson 34 of Visual Latin but did not get it completed because of the afternoon he missed.  Alex is working on lesson 3 of chinese.

Literature/Writing/Grammar-Christian finished up his assignments for Lightning Lit The Hello Goodbye Window.  He wrote a composition on his favorite room in the house.  Anthony finished reading Rickshaw Girl and wrote a composition on how to play a LEGO video game.  Nick and Alex completed Lesson 8 of Fix It! Grammar and for their IEW writing assignment they had to go back to the paragraphs they wrote last week and turn it into a composition adding a topic sentence and a closing clincher.

Math: Alex finished lesson 9 of Delta.  Nick is working on Lesson 9 of Pre-Algebra.  Christian finished Lesson 8 of Beta and Anthony finished Lesson 8 of Gamma.  When Anthony was rearranging the MUS blocks the other day, he noticed something that I had never even noticed before.  He noticed that the colors of the blocks coordinate with the colors of the covers of the books in order.  For example the one block is green and so is the 1st grade book, Alpha.  The 2 block is orange and so is the 2nd book, Beta.  The 3 block is pink and so is the 3rd book, Gamma, and so on up to the 10 block which is dark blue just like the Algebra 2 book.  See how much kids notice!

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

We are working on the apple unit.  This week we have been reading a Johnny Appleseed poem, continuing to work on counting to 100 and our calender page, and completed  worksheets on the Letter A and number 4, finding words that begin with a, matching color and number on a grid, drawing pictures that start with a, and gluing the correct beginning letter to the corresponding picture.  She also made a letter a out of scraps of paper, made an apple graph, apple decoration, applesauce, an apple tree, and apple pie.  Our book this week was How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.

When I bought My Father's World, I did not buy the literature pack that went along with it.  I was hoping i could find most of what I needed at the library, but our library is very small and the first week I was very frustrated that not only could I not find what I needed, I couldn't even find anything close.  So I took a look at the list of 26 recommended books that are sold in the literature pack (Which is around $120) and checked off the ones I already had.  Then I went to amazon and put the others in my shopping cart which added up to around $70.  I sold some curriculum I no longer needed, and then bought the rest of the books.  I am so glad I did too!  Now I do not have to worry about trying to find them or substitute them and they are great books.  Plus I will have them all to hopefully use with Emelia in a few years.

Other Activities this Week:

Soccer was cancelled on Monday because of rain, but that actually made it easier for me to attend a homeschool meeting.  Tuesday we had gymnastics and soccer.  Thursday we had soccer.  Friday we had shop class.

Our baby rabbits are doing very well.  They opened their eyes on Monday so the children finally got a chance to hold them.  Today they jumped out of their nesting box for the first time and we got them all out of the cage to explore for awhile.

The children have really wanted new fish for their fish tank for awhile, so we grabbed a few of those this week too.  They picked catfish, angel fish, and sword tail fish.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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