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Our Family

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 7

Boy did we get a surprise in our homeschool this week!  But you are going to have to read the whole post to find out what it was because first I am wrapping up our homeschool week.  I did not do a good job taking pictures this week.

What we have been up to in Week 7:

Bible: We finished Chapter 5 in What On Earth Can I Do? and started reading through the iWitness Old Testament book.

History: We finished lessons 10-12 in Mystery of History Vol III.  This week we learned about the death of Savonarola, the Safavid Empire, and Leonardo da Vinci.  We made the memory cards and added the time line figures to our board, but I forgot to get the maps printed out, so we skipped those (oops!)

Science: We did all of the fun experiments for Chapter 4 of Exploring Creation through Chemistry and Physics and finished reading the chapter last week, but we had a few notebooking assignments to finish up.  Also, we are working on a review of Fascinating Chemistry, so we watched the videos for lesson one and took the test.

Spelling: Alex completed step 17 in level 4 of AAS.  Anthony and Christian completed step 4 of level 2 of AAS.

Math: No math problems or missing DVDs this week!  Everyone completed their weekly lessons of their various levels of Math U See.

Literature: Christian was supposed to read The Napping House for Literature this week, but that is one I did not buy and our library did not have, so we skipped that lesson and moved on to the next which was The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  He had to write a story that had a moral.  Anthony's new book for Level 3 of Lightning Literature is Rickshaw Girl.  We did not have that one either, but I was able to buy a Kindle version of that book and download it to the iPad.  His paper that he is working on is to write an instructional paper teaching someone how to do something.  Nick and Alex completed Lesson 6 of Fix It! Grammar and Lesson 5 of IEW Medieval History Writing Lessons.

Language: Alex and I completed Lesson One of Chinese and Nick completed Lesson 32 of Visual Latin 2.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

Lily started working on a leaf unit this week.  We have read about leaves and what they do for the plant, completed worksheets on the letter L and the number 3, and had Bible lessons with the theme "I Will Live and Grow in Jesus."  She collected leaves, drew leaves, made her leaf badge, and pained leaves.  We also had an opportunity to use the plant presses we made at Grandview last fall to press some leaves.  Christian and Emmie wanted to collect and press some leaves with us too. The My Father's World Units are supposed to last 6 days each so we still have two more days to work on leaves.  Tomorrow we will take our leaves out of the plant press and see how they turned out.

Other Activities This Week:

We had soccer on Monday and Thursday.  Thursday's game only ended up being played a little past half time due to some bad storms we had.  We were on the field when the lightning started.  That was NOT a fun drive home.

Tuesday Lily had gymnastics.  It is fun to see how much she is improving already!  And Miss Emelia wants to be like her big sister!

Thursday was supposed to be baby rabbit day.  This is our first year with both male and female rabbits and the children wanted to raise rabbit babies.  When we transported the rabbits to the fair, they were in the same cage, so 31 days later we were expecting baby rabbits.  The lady we got the rabbits from told us our black rabbit was a female and the gray one was a male, but I guess it is really hard to tell with rabbits until they are about 3 months old and I never thought to make sure when they were older.  So a few days before they were supposed to be born we put a nesting box in the cage but we saw no signs of the rabbit making a nest.  The morning they were supposed to be born there were no babies in the black rabbit's cage.  Lily opened the gray rabbit's cage to pet it and found....you guessed it...a nest full of babies!  8 baby bunnies were born.  So far they seem to be doing well.  Now we know that Olaf should've been named Elsa and Elsa should've been named Olaf :)

And we added two kittens to our family as well. A friend was trying to find homes for 4 kittens that had been rescued.  She found home right away for the two females, but not the two males.  I told her if they got a little older and still didn't find a home I would take one and it could live in the shop as we have mice out there that get into the chicken feed.  Well she didn't find homes for either one of them, so we added Jack and Lucky to our family.  They are sweet little curious kitties that seem to have made themselves at home.  Tomorrow though, I am running Jack to the vet because he got fixed last week before he came to live with us and it seems as though he may have an infection.  Hopefully they will fix him right up!

Oh and Anthony decided to make a homemade ant farm.  He put a scoop of dirt into a jar with air holes that had fire ants in it.  The other night during the storm he brought the jar in so they wouldn't get wet and even fed them some of his grilled cheese sandwich.  Luckily the jar didn't spill at all and the next morning when I found out they were inside, asked him to take them back out :)

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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