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Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: Seasons of Tomorrow by Cindy Woodsmall

Seasons of Tomorrow is the 4th and last book in the Amish Vines and Orchards series.  I had an opportunity to review For Every Season, Book 3 last year.  You can find my review here.  In book 4, Rhoda, Samuel, Landon, Leah, Steven, and Phoebe continue on with their work to make the orchard a success.  Things are moving along nicely and the business is becoming a success.  Rhoda and Samuel continue to care for each other, although from a bit of a distance as there still is some uncertainty as to how their relationship can progress without Jacob's blessing.  Jacob will not return any phone calls or have any contact with any of them.  He is licking his wounds working for his uncle's construction company in Virginia.  Leah and Landon's relationship continues to grow and becomes known outside of Orchard Bend Farms threatening all those in the community.  Decisions have to be made to decide what is best for all not just two.  Tragedy strikes when one of their lives hang in the balance.  Will Jacob return to help those remaining?  Can they all work together in harmony to save the orchard?

There is a short synopsis in the front of the book catching the reader who has not read the whole series up so you could read this as a stand alone book, but it would be better to have read the whole series.  I came in at book 3 and wished I had started at the beginning.  I have read several books by Cindy Woodsmall and though they are not what I consider "typical" Amish fiction, I have enjoyed every one I have read.  That was true for Seasons of Tomorrow as well.  I couldn't put it down!  Actually, I read it twice.  I loved the story.  I loved the characters.  The author makes you care about each one of the main characters in the book.  They grow and change throughout the course of the book.  I think the author did a great job resolving all of the conflicts in the story in a way that made them real and believable and not just a magical "happily ever after" ending.  Even Rhoda's gift of intuition that I was unsure about when I started reading book 3 was handled in a very good way.  I loved the resolution of all of the relationships and even the orchard and community itself. Another winner by Cindy Woodsmall!

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own and I received no other compensation.  I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC regulations.
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