Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May Grandview Program

I am running a bit behind getting this posted since the program was last week, but better late than never.  At our May Grandview program we continued on in our Animal Classification series.  We have done programs and completed lapbooks on Mammals, Amphibians , and Reptiles in previous months.  This month we did Insects.

After a brief talk about insects covering things like what 3 things they have in common, what they eat, how they see, taste, smell, hear and defend themselves, the children started to "become" insects.  They got a pair on sunglasses to glue eyes on to make compound eyes, a headband to put on antennae, a noise maker for a proboscis, and we made legs and an abdomen out of plastic bags and paper.

After we settled the children down a bit, we made a craft that turned a caterpillar into a butterfly using craft sticks, tape, and pompoms.

That used up all of our time, but we got to take home the supplies to build some really cool bug boxes.

And the supplies to make an insect folder for our Animal Classification lapbook.

That was our last visit to Grandview for a few months.  We will start back in August.
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