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Our Family

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 35

We are finished!  Our "regular" school year has come to an end.  This week we finished up Math, History, Science, and Nick finished Visual Latin 1.  Alex finished reading aloud The Cabin Faced West. We set aside Spelling You See, All About Spelling, Essentials, and Artistic Pursuits until next year.  Chelsea has a couple of little things to finish up this week and she graduates on Saturday!

We will do some school over the summer.  Our summer school will be whatever items we are reviewing.  Right now we are finishing up with Progeny Press and Apologia What On Earth Can I Do?  We just started reviews on We Choose Virtues and Learning Wrap Ups.  We will be starting new reviews from Moving Beyond the Page, Veritas Press, and Visual Latin 2 soon.  But, our summer school is much more laid back then our regular school year.  I try to make sure that the work load is spread out pretty evenly so that one child is not doing more work than the others.  I also try and make sure we have some fun and interesting things to do that are different than our regular school year.  In the summer we also tend to do our work in the afternoons when it is hotter outside giving the children the morning to play.

I have not made final decisions on all the curricula we will be using next year.  I have some plans finalized but am still thinking on some other things.  After we get all of our curriculum purchased, there are some fun educational items I have been looking at that I would like to add to our homeschool as well.  For now they are on my wish list.  It is kind of strange not to be planning anything for Chelsea.  Next year I will have Pre-K, K, 2,3,5, and 7th grades.  No more high school for a few years.

Every year I take a picture on our first and last days of school.  Here are our pictures from this year.

Emelia 8-1-13 

Emelia 5-11-14

Lillian 8-1-13

Lillian 5-11-14

Christian 8-1-13

Christian 5-11-14

Anthony 8-1-13


Alexander 8-1-13

Alexander 5-11-14

Nicholas 8-1-13

Nicholas 5-11-14

Chelsea 8-1-13

Chelsea 5-11-14
I will still be posting plenty of things on the blog this summer, including our activities, homeschool stuff, and reviews and a few great giveaways, but this is my last weekly wrap post until August.

Happy Homeschooling!
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