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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Apologia Journeys of Faithfulness


Apologia is mostly known throughout homeschooling circles for their creation based science curriculum.  But, Apologia also carries a wide variety of other books for homeschoolers including worldview curriculum, resources for homeschooling parents, and other great books.  We recently had an opportunity to read and review Journeys of Faithfulness by Sarah Clarkson.

In Journeys of Faithfulness, Sarah Clarkson challenges girls ages 12 and up and their mothers to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ by exploring inspirational and faithful women of the Bible.Journeys of Faithfulness is a 232 page paperback book with 12 chapters covering: Mary and Martha, Mary, the mother of Jesus, Esther, and Ruth.  Each section includes historical information that we know of the characters plus fictional authors insight into what they may have thought or felt, a devotional, Bible Study questions, and pages for journaling.

Part 1: Mary and Martha
Chapter One: Learning to See
Chapter Two: A Circle of Glory
Chapter Three: The Hush of Love

Part 2: Mary, Mother of Jesus
Chapter 4: Story-Formed Soul
Chapter 5: Swords and Starlight
Chapter 6: The Great Adventure

Part 3: Esther
Chapter 7: Heart Alive
Chapter 8: For Such a Time
Chapter 9: Courageous Beauty

Part 4: Ruth
Chapter 10: Claiming the Light
Chapter 11: To Walk in Darkness
Chapter 12: Desire of My Heart

You can view a sample chapter by clicking here.

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Over the last three weeks, Chelsea (15) has been reading through the stories, devotionals, and working through the Bible Study questions in each section of Journeys of Faithfulness.  This is what she had to say about this study:

" Journeys of Faithfulness by Sarah Clarkson is a mother/daughter/women's Bible Study book.  It can be read over several week days or weeks depending on the reader. The book covers the lives of Mary the sister of Martha, Mary, the mother of Jesus, Ruth, and Esther.

The study dives into the incredible spiritual, emotional, and physical journeys undertaking women on their way to discovering just what God has in store for their lives.  Their courage, steadfastness, love, kindness, and compassion is shown through their acts of faith.  Mary, Mother of Jesus was given the most wonderful and trying experiences of all time.  Mary and Martha both got to know and love Jesus in the flesh during His life on earth.  Esther was willing to give up everything for her people.  Ruth gave up all she had known to convert to the beliefs and stay with the mother of her dead husband.  These women were indeed extraordinary.

Reading this book gave me a more in depth look at these women I have already learned so much about.  It really opened my eyes to the wonderful and sometimes terrifying lives they lived.  And while the section of the book containing the stories was good, the devotionals and sections for Bible study were amazing!!  It really made me look at my faith compared to theirs and realize I can do more for God than I am doing.  With God all things are truly possible!

I would definitely recommend this book to other women and teenage girls in the hopes that it will open their eyes as it did mine.  It was well written with clearly defined lessons in faith that can be applied anytime, anywhere.  I truly enjoyed the learning I did through Journeys of Faithfulness."

To see what other crew mates had to say click here.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of Journeys of Faithfulness for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation.

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