Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fever and Coughs and Hives! Oh My!

Last week started out pretty easy.  We had the 4 H crafts workshop on Monday and some friends  over to play on Tuesday.  Wednesday Anthony started running a low grade temperature.  The rest of us did some schoolwork and made pies and fudge for Thanksgiving while he rested on the couch.  Then his fever went up to 103 and he started coughing and sneezing.  Next Emelia started running fever and then started having nasal congestion and cough.  We did have a good Thanksgiving.  The food was delicious and Art got a buck first thing Thursday morning.  I spent some time Thursday afternoon doing some online shopping and found some really good deals.  Friday afternoon Lily climbed into my lap and was burning up with fever and started coughing and sneezing.  Alex started complaining of headache and Nick and Christian started coughing and sneezing. 

Even though they weren't feeling 100 percent, the weather was very nice and the boys spent quite a bit of time outside especially on Saturday.  They had made a huge leaf pile and put it at the bottom of the slide.  They had so much fun playing in that leaf pile.  Saturday night I sent everyone to bathe or shower and after his shower Nick asked for itch cream.  I told him to get it out of the drawer and didn't think much of it.  Sunday morning Chelsea and I were getting ready for church when Nick woke up.  He came downstairs and was covered from the neck down in hives!  I don't know what he got into rolling in a pile of leaves but Oh My!  That poor itchy boy!  I gave him Benadryl every four hours but it still looked pretty bad when he went to bed last night so I woke him up twice during the night to give him more.  I am hoping when he wakes up it will be much better or he is off to the doctor.

Lily and Emmie are still running fever, coughing, and sneezing.  Emmie is having a hard time nursing.  Lily hasn't eaten since Saturday and is giving me a hard time about drinking.  The other boys are still coughing but no fever, and now I am coughing too :(.  There has been very little sleep in this house over the last several days and I am exhausted!

I am thankful though that it isn't something worse.  The children are hardly ever sick and very rarely are they all sick at once (although there was that one time with the stomach bug......)  Today's agenda will include, TV, naps, and medicine.  School can wait for another day.
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