Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 9, 2012

Art Class 3/9/12

Today in our Homeschool Art Class, the children started out by working on a construction project.  They were given a piece of paper, glue, and a pile of Popsicle sticks and they could build whatever they wanted to build with them.  Chelsea, Nick, and Anthony made houses, Alex made an airplane and airport, and Lily just stuck glue where ever she wanted.  Christian did not want to make anything.  That project took over and hour.  For the second hour, the children drew a picture following a series of directions given by the teacher and learned how to shade.  Then, they drew a picture in the art book that they made the week before.

Alex today decided he was going to pick up some of the items that are displayed for sale at the art center.  He picked up a clay mask and dropped it on the floor (while the teacher was setting up he has been told not to touch them before.)  I told him he had to show the teacher what he broke, apologize, and give her the $2 the mask cost.  She accepted his apology but didn't want to take his money.  Instead, she had him make a mask to replace the one he broke.  I thought that was a fair way to handle it, but still put the $2 in the donation jar.  

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