Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Morning Board

This is a picture of our new morning board.  I got the idea from this post from Heidi's Ramblings, Reflections, and Reviews (If you read her post you will see she got the idea from someone else.  Aren't blogs great for inspiration?)  I thought it was a great idea and that my children would love it!  I already had a laminator and laminating sheets, so I only needed a few supplies to finish the project:

Metal Rings- I found index card rings in a pack of eight for $1.44 at Walmart.  I used two packs.
Plastic Hooks with adhesive- An eight pack was $1 at Walmart.  I used two packs.
2 Thumbtacks to attach clock hands and arrow for seasons
Tri Fold Science Project Board -$3.44 at Walmart.  You could also use poster board or a foam board.

Most of the printables I got from Mama Jenn: Calendar Time.  At the top of the board is the day of the week, month, date and year.  Underneath that is a Clock that I got here.  Then is an obedience prayer from Totally Tots.  The next sheet is a list of Bible verses from A-Z (I cannot remember where I printed that from.)  Next is a sheet with address, phone number and emergency numbers (Mama Jenn.)  The next row has the 4 seasons and What is the Weather Today from Confessions of A Homeschooler.  The alphabet cards I had from our Hooked on Phonics set so I just had to hang them on a hook.  Next are shape cards and the last thing on the board is a blank state of Arkansas map that we will put out location, my parents, and a few other important places.  I printed it out from http://www.50states.com/.

The children are very impressed with our Morning Board.  My very funny Nicholas (9) got up the other day and turned all the weather days to snow and the date to December 25th.  I told him nice try but we have to remember we are using this as a tool to teach the little ones and we don't want to confuse them.  If I had it to do over again, I would have covered the board with some kind of contact paper or pieces of card stock so the background would be a little more interesting.
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