Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 H Chef School Workshop

Last week Chelsea had the opportunity to attend a two free 4 H workshop called Chef School that was being held for 4 H ers 9 and up.  They started the workshop out discussing healthy foods and the food pyramid.  They also did a talk about safety in the kitchen.  Then the children had the opportunity to prepare snacks and lunch for that day.  They also divided into two teams to plan a theme and a menu for the next day when the parent s would have the opportunity to come and eat.  On the second day, the prepared their own breakfast and then set out for Walmart to buy the necessary ingredients for the parent's meal.  Each team was given a budget of $75 for the meal.  Chelsea's team decided on Home Cooking for their theme and prepared:  salad with Ranch dressing, home  made chicken tenders with BBQ sauce, twice baked potatoes, green bean casserole, Texas toast, and peach cobbler with lemonade or iced tea to drink. The 2nd team did a Cajun theme.  Before preparing the parent's meal, they also participated in an Iron Chef competition in which they had to make something using a jar of grape jam, pie crust, a granny smith apple, and a package of saltine crackers.  The Iron Chef competition ended at 3:00 which gave them 2 hours to prepare the food and set up for the parent's meal. 

Right before I got there, Chelsea was slicing tomatoes and cut her finger.  She does not do with with the sight of blood, especially her own.  Since she was feeling faint, they had her lay down and one of the other parents that had arrived and is an EMT bandaged her up.  Thankfully it wasn't serious enough to need stitches.  When I got there she was sitting in a chair white as a ghost and was a little teary.  She wasn't feel bad enough to leave though.  She said she worked hard and wanted to stay until the end.  Although she missed the final preparations and setting up, she was ready to help serve the food.  The children did a great job and everything was delicious!  We got to sample foods from both teams and I was very impressed with all of their hard work and glad to have some new recipes!

I also am impressed with our 4 H organization and the programs they put on for our kids.  After reading about how much 4 H costs in other areas of the country and the limited activities and programs you are allowed to participate in, it makes me so thankful that my children have this opportunity to benefit from our local 4 H program.
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