Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 5, 2011

4 H Robotics Workshop

Wednesday, we went to a 4 H Robotics workshop.  We were building Smart Robots (purchased at Hobby Lobby for around $15 each.)  The value for these robots was much better than the Solar Power Cars that we did last year for $10 each that didn't work very well after we got them built. The Smart Robots turn left or right like magic as it bumps into obstacles.  It also flips over when it is turned the wrong way.Anthony, Alex, and Nick signed up for the workshop. First there was a talk and a slide show on what a robot is and different places you find robots.  Then we got to work building them.  Chelsea was not interested in having her own robot, but she was able to help Anthony build his.  The age listed on the box was 8 and up and the screws were very small, he would not have been able to build it himself.

The children did a good job building their robots.  I was proud of Nick because, although he wanted to build the robot, it was a bit out of his comfort zone and he gets frustrated very easily.  I just had to remind him a few times to take his time or try again and he was quite pleased when he got it finished.  Alex does a great job working with tools (only a screwdriver was required) and only needed a little help at the end.  After we got them built, they had a chance to play with them to see what they could do.  My boys were very impressed with their smart robots.

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