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Monday, April 4, 2011

TOS Review: Go Go Kabongo

Go Go Kabongo is an online world of brain boosting games for children ages 4-7 designed to teach the cognitive skills children need to learn in order to be able to read such as attention and focus, memory skills, processing, planning, visualization, and comprehension. View this chart to see all of the skills your child will learn. Kabongo does not teach by right and wrong answers. Instead, they guide children toward better thinking by using an exciting game design. There are 3 different fantastical habitats for children to explore each with three different games and 6 levels to each game.

Galaxy Gardens-Rocket into outer space to explore among the starts and play 3 brain boosting games. Each of the three planets is a home to challenging learning games: Photo Safari, Rocket Racer, and Robo Bobo

Twister Top-Ride through the mesas on a twister top train bound for adventure. While exploring the cactus clad cliffs play 3 mind challenging games:Design A Door, Desert Dash, and Crazy Maze.

Laughter Lake- Bubbling with fun and adventure Laughter Lake is a fun filled habitat where you can play 3 fun learning games:Critter Sizer, Scuba Dude, and Going Buggy.

Children get to make their own fun character by choosing the head, body, and wheels. They also can decorate their treehouse, skate park, and comic book with the rewards they earn by completing the games. Parents receive detailed email reports showing what their child has been working on and what they have completed. There are also several printable activities for your child to enjoy and activities to practice the skills your child has learned.

Your child can start playing Go go Kabongo free with access to all of Laughter Lake's games and activities. You can purchase the two additional habitats for $4.95 each. There is a limited time offer that if you sign up now you will get Galaxy Gardens habitat free.

I used this website with Christian (4) and Anthony (5). I thought it would be great for them to have an age appropriate game to play that would teach them the skills they needed to have before they were learning to read. Their favorite part was making their own characters and collecting the sticker rewards for their comic books. The games are a lot of fun. Anthony and Christian's favorite game was Going Buggy where they hear a story and then recreate it by placing images into a scene. Kabongo is very colorful and engaging for children. The detailed email reports are a great tool for parents to see exactly what learning skills their child is working on.

There are a few things I think could be improved on. It is a beta version so there have been a few technical problems such as games freezing and not loading at times, and server errors when we get to rewards page that we have encountered that I am sure will be corrected. The site takes a long time to load. Then each time you enter a habitat you have to wait again for it to load which can be very hard for impatient small children. I am very put off by the way the characters talk. For an educational website, I don't think the characters should be talking in slang and also at times the characters sound rude to me. For example in the treehouse the character says, "Hey, hello what are you waiting for?" when you don't click on something right away. Another of the characters says, "That wasn't very clever dearie." when you get something wrong. I couldn't find any way to skip the instructions if you had already played the game before. Even though Christian and Anthony liked the Going Buggy game, I found that it was very hard to understand exactly what images you were supposed to place. In Desert Dash, it is hard for the boys to hear the sound that they want you to click on the letter for.

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I received complimentary access to Go Go Kabongo for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation.

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