Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Final Month (or so) of 2010/2011 School Year

We have about 5 weeks left in our school year. I cannot believe how fast it has gone by! We will be taking a few days off here and there to go visit my parents and go to the lake. Also, if we have a gorgeous Spring day after a couple of rainy days, we are apt to take a day off or at least half a day. We are also in the last month of the 2010/2011 TOS Crew voyage so I have about 8 reviews to write and post before the end of May. I had mentioned in an earlier post that the boys had almost finished their History and Science for the year and I would be looking for something to fill in with. Well, two of the review products we received were Science and Social Studies so that really worked out for us. Chelsea is still plugging along with her curriculum and she should be done at the end of May also. She has discovered that it is harder in High School to work on a 4 day schedule but has done extra work during the week so she can have her Fridays off. Here is what the boys are working on to finish out the year:

Math-Abeka- drills Mad Dog Math (review to come)
Science- Considering God's Creation (review to come)
Social Studies- Social studies All Together (review to come)
Spelling- Wordy Qwerty (review to come)
Bible- we finished Who is God so we are going back to Positive Action for Christ

I need to pick a new read aloud since we finished up Andi's School Days (review to come.) I also am going to get some books on rabbits and do a little unit study since they want to raise some rabbits for 4-H this year.

Chelsea is still working on:
Abeka- Literature, Bible, Spanish, Science
Art- Artistic Pursuits
Math -TenMarks
History-finished for the year
Phys Ed-Go Trybe (review to come)

Lily even has a review product she s working on called Monkisee.

I still am in the process of going through book shelves to see what I want/need to sell to make some money for curriculum and have a space to put it in. I am also looking for and purchasing more chapter books that will appeal to boys. Chelsea loves to read and devours books so we have quite a few chapter books that appeal to girls and some that would appeal to both. But, now that the boys are getting older I am trying to make sure I have books that will appeal to them too.
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