Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to School

I have a new picture of our chickens that I am going to post for this week, but there is something wrong with my camera USB cord. It is bent and I am pretty sure there are teeth marks in it (really? who would have put the cord in their mouth?) So I will try and fix that later. In the meantime Spring Break is over and we are back to work. There is about 8 weeks left in the school year. Here is an update of what we have accomplished and what we are working on now.

Chelsea 7th grade Sonlight Curriculum and Alpha Omega Math- Chelsea works independently on her schoolwork and goes at her own pace. As long as she is staying somewhat on track for the year I let her do as much as she wants. Right now she has worked so far ahead that she only has 2 weeks left in Sonlight. We have 2 Life Packs left for math so we should finish on track. After she finishes up her Sonlight, I have some 8th grade Abeka textbooks that she will work on until the end of the year.

Nick 2nd grade- We have finished 2nd grade Abeka Science and History. We are still working on Language Lessons for the Very Young and I think we should finish that on time. We have started on Abeka Health, Safety, and Manners and should go through that in a couple of weeks. Nick is very interested in History, and right now we are learning about each of our Presidents. So far we have made it through number 17, but we will complete this before the end of the year. In Math he is working on fractions, multiplication, and Roman Numerals. We are reading Charlotte's Web and will finish that up next week. After we are done reading we will watch the movie. The older children have seen it before, but it has been awhile.

Alex K- Finished Abeka K Science (and listened through 2nd grade Science and History) Working on Math Subtraction. Alex also listens in on Charlotte's Web and discussions on the Presidents. He is not reading yet, so we are still working on phonics sounds and blending letters. I read aloud to him and the little ones quite a bit.

Next week we will be working on a Spring lapbbook I downloaded for free from www.eggheadacademics.com called Blooms, Bugs, and Babies.
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