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Our Family

Friday, April 4, 2008

Chelsea's Story

A few weeks ago, Chelsea entered The Grannie Annie story writing contest. If you have never heard of it before, it is a contest for kids 9-14 and you write a story about something that happened in a past generation in your family. The winning stories are published in a Grannie Annie book and the purpose of the contest is to preserve stories from the past. Chelsea got on the phone to my mom to find out if their were any funny stories about my grandma and so the story Mouse Attack was born. Chelsea's story was chosen for a Honorable Mention (hooray!) and many other children across the country had their stories published in the book. To find out more got to http://www.thegrannieannie.org/. To see the names of those chosen, click on the stories and then author names and story titles.

Mouse Attack by Chelsea

One day when my Great Grandma Grace was making the beds, she had just started on the master bedroom by tucking in the sheets and couldn't reach one corner. So she went over to the other side of the bed to get it in and right in front of her was a mouse nest with a mouse inside. She didn't see it at first but the mouse saw her, all it could say was one little "Squeak!" Grandma saw it then and she let out such a scream it rattled the window panes. My Great Grandpa Elwin ran in to the room to see what was the matter and when he looked through the doorway a comical sight met his eyes, Great Grandma on the bed clutching at her skirt. Grandma whispered out of the corner of her mouth, "Don't move you might startle it." Unfortunately just as she was getting off the bed Grandpa chose to laugh and that got the mouse going. It ran out from under the bed just as Grandma jumped off of it. When she jumped off the bed her feet landed right on the mouse. Grandpa roared with laughter, mainly because she landed on the mouse, but also because she killed it. She never forgave him for laughing and didn't talk to him for a week, eventually she saw the funny side of it. When she got older and had grandchildren she told the story to them making them promise not to tell their friends.
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