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Our Family

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 30

 Monday morning dawned bright and early (4 am) with a sick child!  Thankfully it was short lived and a few hours later he was feeling better and appeared to have been something he ate that bothered him. It made for a long Monday!

Week 30 in our Homeschool

Bible:  We finished Vol 1 of Answers Books for Kids and completed 4 lessons in Vol 2.

Read Aloud: We finished Abraham Lincoln A New Birth of Freedom.  I really enjoy reading these YWAM biographies to the children.  They learn a lot from them and so do I!

History:  In America's Story Vol 2 we finished lesson 6 on The End of the Confederacy.

Music Appreciation: This week we finished lesson 8 on Mozart, symphony, and his symphony No. 40 in G Minor.

Geography:  This week we learned about Thailand.  We have completed all of the countries from Year 1 of Let's Go Geography.  The next two weeks are review weeks.

Science:  This week in science we finally had a chance to do our experiment on bones using a chicken wing bone (I had everything I needed in the science kit but the chicken wing!) We also finished up lesson 3 on the muscular system by completing our notebooking pages and doing an activity using the muscles in our hands.  We also added muscles to our person in our notebook.

Math: My review period of A+ Interactive Math is over.  Even though we have a year subscription we have opted not to continue with it.  Christian and Anthony went back to MLFLE and completed 4 lessons this week.  My hunt for math for them for next year continues.  Lily and Emmie did 4 lessons in MLFLE.

Language Arts:  The boys finished Because of Winn Dixie in Readers in Residence.  I found the movie for $5 on Amazon and we watched in Friday afternoon.  Lily completed week one of the green level of Homeschool Navigator.  This language arts curriculum uses a lot of picture books to go along with the lessons.  Unfortunately our library had none of the books Lily needed for month one.  They do give Youtube links in the curriculum so you can listen to the books read aloud if you do not have access to the books so that is what we did.  I was able to find a few of the books for the Red Level.  I am going to start that with Emmie tomorrow.  I ordered The Invention of Hugo Cabret for Christian and Anthony to read and complete the Interactive Book study in the Blue Level.  It will be here Tuesday.

Spelling/Reading:  Anthony and Christian completed Step 14 of AAS Level 5.  Emmie completed lessons 48 and 49 in AAR Level 1.

Other Activities this Week:

Tuesday the girls had gymnastics.

Wednesday we had Kids Club.

Thursday we had a 4 H meeting at the park on bees.

Friday we went to a high school boys' soccer game.  Nick was already there since he watched both boys and girls.  We went later to just the boys' game.  As we were walking in to the stadium, the people behind us said, "Are you a homeschool family too?"  It turned out that there son was a homeschooler on the opposing team.  I wonder what tipped them off to us being homeschoolers?  Was it the ginormous van we drive or the number of children (even though I was missing two)?

Saturday the girls had a ballet make-up.

Our chickens are doing great!  They have grown a lot over the last two weeks!

The children found some chalk and got busy drawing on the concrete Saturday right before the rain started.  After the rain started the youngest three grabbed their rubber boots and umbrellas and played outside for hours. 

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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