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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Homeschool Crew Review: Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures

Watchman Pictures

Recently I had an opportunity to watch and review the movie Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures.

Princess Cut The Movie

In the movie Princess Cut, Grace, a young lady in her early 20's dreams about finding a man who will love her forever and slip a Princess Cut diamond on her finger.  When her boyfriend of 15 months tells her he has something special in mind, Grace believes he is going to propose, but it doesn't go the way she plans.  Her next boyfriend does not have the same values as Grace does.  Grace, after listening to her father's council, decides to try and figure out what it really means to love a person and what kind of relationship she truly needs in her life.

Princess Cut is a Christian Film that was Dove Approved for ages 12 and up.  It is a wholesome movie that runs around 1 hour and 30 minutes long.  There is a scene where Grace and her boyfriend go into his apartment and later she tells her mother that he pressured her into kissing him.  There is a scene where Grace's friend talks her into seeing a counselor and she tells Grace that what she needs is a "starter marriage."  In one scene Grace gets into an argument with her brother and her brother has an accident right after, but the accident isn't shown on the screen and there were no major injuries. There is another scene where Grace's ex-boyfriend physically attacks her current boyfriend.  It is intense but not incredibly violent.  There is no bad language or any other content that would cause parents to hesitate in letting their pre-teen/teenage children watch the movie.

My girls are only 6 and 8 and the title was too girly for my teenage boys to be interested in watching so my husband and I watched Princess Cut for our date night movie.  I thought the overall theme of the movie was very good and important for our young people as they are getting older and getting ready to date.  We want our girls to know that they don't have to chase after love but instead wait for the right relationship. The movie showed obvious differences between the boyfriends that did not share Grace's values and the man who did and how these things affected her life and even her relationship with her family.  I loved how the family closeness was portrayed and that Grace trusted her parents (mostly her father) advice and help. I love happily ever after type movies and Princess Cut fit the bill for that.

One thing that I wished was different was that while the movie focused on Grace's unhealthy relationships with men, it did not even touch on the unhealthiness of her relationship with her best friend who obviously did not share the same Christian values as Grace and her family.  It did not touch on Grace sharing her faith with Tessa either.  At times the plot seemed to move pretty slow and took some strange twists and also in several of the scenes in the movie some of the acting seemed very forced and not very natural.

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