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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Homeschool Crew Review: A+ Interactive Math

A+ Interactive Math

A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) offers multi-sensory math products for homeschool families as well as public and private school teachers and students.  Over the last several weeks we have had an opportunity to use and review the  Family Math Package. 

Family Math

The Family Math Package is a math curriculum for up to ten students.  Each registered student has access to grades 1-6th plus Pre-Algebra and Algebra.  You can change grade levels as needed.  You do not need to complete the all the topics in order, you can move around and choose to work in the areas you need.  When starting a lesson students watch a short muti-media video teaching the concept and then they go on to answer questions related to the topic.  There are also online worksheets you can complete for each lesson plus online quizzes and exams.  If you need more practice on a topic you can generate more online worksheets.  If you prefer having a hard copy workbook you have the ability to print out a PDF of the lessons to read along with the online lesson or to use instead of the online lesson.   You also have the ability to print out a worksheet for each topic if you would like extra practice and you also have the option to print out a PDF exam.  Answer keys are included for the printable worksheets and the exams.

Once you register you assign each of your students a user name and password to log in with.  Once your student logs in, they click on View/Launch my Family Package, then they have to click launch and a new window opens up.  When that windows opens they can see all of the topics on the left side of the screen.

They have to click on the + sign beside the topic and it open up the subtopics.

Next they click on the + beside the subtopic and it shows the lessons.

They click on the lesson they need and the multi-media video starts playing.

After they watch the lesson they can start the Interactive Q& A.

Immediate feedback is given to the student.  They know as soon as they hit submit if they have the answer right or wrong.  They can see a step by step solution for every problem.

Parents can view how their students are doing from the admin panel.

I have been using the Family Math Package over the last several weeks with my 5th and 6th grade boys.  They have been working on 1-2 lessons per day, 4 days a week.  I started them both at the beginning of their grade levels and we have been working our way through the topics.  The lessons are short and to the point.  There are not a ton of questions they have to answer after each lesson, but if your child needs more review you can do the online or printable worksheets.  Answers are explained if the child gets it wrong.  I like the ability to be able to print the workbook and review questions if your child works better on paper then they do on a computer.  I also like that you can switch grade levels and topics.

There are a lot of steps the student has to go through to get to their lesson.  I wish that was a bit more simplified.  They also have to mark each lesson as completed, the program does not do it automatically and it doesn't keep track of where they left off. The student has to remember which lesson they are on each time they log in. 

Members of The Crew also reviewed the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online  from A+ Interactive Math.  This program has you put your child in a target grade level and then the child takes a series of placement tests for each math area to gauge their skill level.  The program then creates a lesson plan for the student by targeting the areas they need to work on.

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