Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 12, 2018

4 H County O'Rama

Every year in the spring 4 H has several county contests.  Usually we have B Day which stands for Bicycles, Bait Casting, and BB Shooting on one day, and Talks, Talent, and Fashion Review on another day.  This year they decided to do all the events in one day.

Monday afternoon we started with B Day.  For Bait Casting there is two parts: a written test, and actual bait casting 3 standing, 3 sitting.  Cloverbuds ID 5 fish, juniors do 5 fish and 5 body parts and seniors do 10 fish and the body parts. Nick and Alex led the Bait Casting and I scored the tests. Alex, Christian, Lily, and Emmie competed in Bait Casting.  The girls both got 2nd place, and Alex and Christian both got first.

For BB Shooting there is also a written test and then they shoot at a target.  Nick, Alex, Christian, Emmie and Lily all competed in BB shooting.  Nick and Christian got first place, Alex and Emmie 2nd and Lily participation.

For the Bicycle contest they have to ride through a course.  Every time they put a foot down or knock over a cone they loose points.  Anthony, Christian, Emmie, Lily, and Alex competed.  Anthony and Alex got first, Christian and Lily second, and Emmie 3rd.

Then we had a 30 minute break and we ate strawberries and a sandwich at the park.  Next we headed over to the EH House for Talks, Talent, and Fashion Review.  Lily was the only one who competed.  She played Oh How I Love Jesus on the piano and won 1st.  Talks, Talent, and Fashion Review lasted 2.5 hours so we were very tired by the time we got home!

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