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Our Family

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 30

Can you believe that this week is the last week of April?  The year sure has flown by!  I can't believe we are finishing up some of our main curriculum for the year even as we start new things for review.  It definitely keeps things interesting!

Week 30 in Our Homeschool

P.E. 2 days of Family Time Fitness and one day of Yoga.  I skipped one day of P.E.  I really need to look at some new exercise videos.  The children are getting bored with the same things all the time.

Bible: We finished our Grapevine Resurrection study.

Read Aloud: We read 4 chapters on YWAM Heroes of History Thomas Edison.

History: We finished The Mystery of History Vol IV!  Our lessons this week 82-84 were on 9/11 and Osama bin Laden, The Global War on Terror, and The Revelation of Jesus Christ and the Hope of Mankind.  We finished our memory cards, worksheets, and timeline figures.  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed our journey through the four volumes of The Mystery of History.  From the first lesson about Creation in Vol 1 through the last lesson on the Revelation of Jesus and the Hope of Mankind in Vol IV, I have learned so much right along with my children.  The Mystery of History remains one of my favorites and I look forward to going through it again in a few years with the younger children.

1st and last memory cards

 360 memory cards from all 4 volumes

We used the timeline figures from Home School in the Woods.  She has figures to go along with all 4 volumes of The Mystery of History.  Amy Pak's drawings are beautiful and it made my life much easier to not have to make our own!

all of our Time Line boards laid end to end

Vol 1

Vol II

VOL III and part of Vol IV

The rest of Vol IV

First timeline figures of Vol I

last timeline figures of Vol IV

Science: We finished the Archaeology Book from Master Books.  We will be starting the Geology Book next week.  Anthony is using The Book of Astronomy from Memoria Press (upcoming review) Lily started using Introductory Science from Science Shepherd (upcoming review) this week and finished week one.

My Father's World Adventures: In Exploring American History we finished Abraham Lincoln.  In our state study we did West Virginia and Kansas.  We started reading Mountain Born.  The science activities are on magnets.  The magnet kit has been sitting in the box since last summer so the children are very glad to finally be able to use it!

Music: We completed the last week of Handel in our Music Appreciation Book One.  We read the last chapter of the biography, listened to several tracks on the music CD, did workbook exercises, and finished up the lapbook on Handel.

Math: Boy Math has been rough lately!  I think this has been the hardest math has ever been for all of us!  There is nothing like having 3 children all needing help at the same time on three different topics and levels!  Nick and Alex completed lesson 28 in their books.  Lily completed lesson 27. Anthony and Christian started working on lesson 26 but are not ready to move on to the next lesson.

Grammar/Writing/Literature/Poetry: So far we have memorized 4 poems from IEW Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization.  They really are enjoying this!  In Fix It! Grammar we completed lesson 32.  Alex completed 4 lessons in Writers in Residence.  Nick is still plugging along with Treasure Island.  Anthony and Christian wrote their paragraph on horses from PAL Writing.

Reading/Spelling: Anthony and Christian completed lessons 40 in AAR Level 3.  Lily completed lesson 16 in AAR Level 2.  She also earned another certificate in Talking Fingers.  In All About Spelling Level 2 we completed step 14.  Alex completed lesson 24 in The Phonetic Zoo.

Preschool: What has happened in the Horizon's Preschool curriculum that we have been using is that it has gone beyond what I think we need to cover for preschool.  Rather than try and follow the curriculum I am choosing some of the worksheets that Emmie wants to do and letting her do them.

Other Activities This Week:

Soccer has just gotten ridiculous.  I don't know how else to describe it.  We used to only not play when there was lightning or dangerous weather (tornado warnings.)  Now every time there is a threat of rain or the grass is wet, they cancel.  Out of the 9 regular season games we were supposed to have, they have gotten to play 5.  They are not rescheduling those games either but going ahead and having the tournament.  The mom in me that's tired and ready to see the end of some of our activities is kind of happy about it, but really it is not fair to the kids to only play half a season and I'm sure we won't be getting half our money back!!  Ok, I'm done complaining about that now!

Monday: Soccer was cancelled.  We had the Dairy Foods Contest for 4 H.

Tuesday: We had our April 4 H meeting at the park.  Soccer was cancelled.

Wednesday: Kid's Club.

Thursday: Soccer games were cancelled again.  It was a beautiful day!  Alex's coach had a practice so Christian and Nick went along to the soccer fields.  Lily, Emmie, Anthony, and I had to go to Biosecurity Training for Poultry.  It is mandatory for 4hers getting poultry chain chickens this year.

Friday: We had to run some errands.  It was such a beautiful day we went to the park and had lunch and played for an hour.  Then we had to get home and do some yard work.

I was excited to see my roses blooming!

The girls wanted me to take their picture.  They were having a stuffed animal birthday party.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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