Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 21, 2016

4 H Dairy Contest

Every year our county 4 H has a Dairy Foods Contest.  Children ages 5-19 can enter in one or both of the categories: party idea or main dish.  Actually, it used to be an Egg and Dairy Foods Contest. I liked that better as it gave two more options of categories to enter.  The last two years we have not participated.  Last year a couple of the children were sick and the year before we had someplace else we had to be.  We drop off the foods, leave for about an hour and a half and then come back for awards.

Since the three younger children were making things that were refrigerated they made theirs on Sunday.  Anthony, Alex, and Nick made theirs Monday afternoon.  I did not get a picture of Nick and Alex's finished products because they came out of the oven right when we needed to walk out the door.

This year, Emmie was old enough to participate.  She was so excited! It was her first 4 H contest. She made Banana Split Pie and won 2nd place for Cloverbud Party Idea.

Lily made a Strawberry Smoothie.  She won 3rd place for Cloverbud Party Idea.

Christian made Strawberry Ice Box Cake.  He won 2nd place Junior Party Idea.

Anthony made Cheesy Pizza.  He got a Participation Ribbon for Junior Party Idea.

Alex made Egg Casserole.  He won 1st Place for Junior Main Dish.

Nick made Shells and Cheese.  He won 2nd Place Senior Main Dish.

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