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Our Family

Sunday, April 24, 2016

April Nature Seekers 4 H Meeting

This month for our 4 h meeting, I decided to do something on photography.  We have never done a meeting on that topic before although some of my children had an opportunity to attend a photography workshop last summer.

I am trying to do as many meetings as possible outdoors so I planned to have this meeting at the park. The weather did not cooperate, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We were supposed to have thunderstorms and I thought we were going to have to cancel.  It did rain a little bit in the morning but then it quit and stayed over cast the rest of the day so we were able to go ahead and have the meeting.  I had 9 children attend this meeting.

I did some research online for tips on taking the best pictures with things like iPods, phones, and tablets because that is what most of the children are using to take pictures today.  We talked about good lighting, not zooming in, keeping the tablet stable, and taking different types of pictures.  We also talked about the Ross Photography contest that 4 H holds every year and the rules for entering.

Then we talked about other things you can do with photographs like making Stop Motion Films.  Anthony and Christian did a demonstration on taking photos and turning them into a stop motion film.  They did a LEGO man walking.

They also showed a couple of the Stop Motion films like LEGO Pizza Making and LEGO Captain America.

Then the children had an opportunity to go around the park and take some photos.  The boys were trying to get photos of a squirrel.  They even climbed a tree trying to get close to one.  Christian did end up getting a picture of a squirrel. They spent around 30 minutes taking pictures.

Here are a couple of Anthony's pictures.

I had a picture frame craft for them to do, but the older boys wanted to continue taking pictures and were not interested in making the craft.

Next month we are planning a Mini Golf outing.
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