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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Schoolhouse Crew Review: Grapevine Studies

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Grapevine Studies

I was first introduced to Grapevine Studies last fall when we had an opportunity to use and review Part 1 Old Testament Creation to Jacob study (my review is here.)We really enjoyed this study and the ability to use it with the whole family. As soon as we finished it, I was excited to have a chance to use and review another one of their studies: Resurrection: Multi-Level.
Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

Grapevine Bible studies teaches God's Word to children ages Pre-K-14 through a stick figuring method.  Children will read and listen to the Bible, answer questions, memorize scripture, while drawing the stick figures that will help them remember all that they have learned. As students get older they will also learn Bible geography, and use Bible tools such as a concordance, Bible dictionary, and topical Bible.  Grapevine Studies can be used daily in a homeschool setting or weekly in a co-op or church setting.  There are several different studies available.  You choose your study by level, or choose a topical study.  Grapevine Studies offers either physical books or ebook downloads.
Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}
I received the ebook version of Resurrection: Muti-Level and the Traceable (for ages 4-6.)  The traceable has the same lesson as the Multi-Level except that the drawings are already on the page and just need to be traced rather then drawn. I prefer the ebook because the copyright allows you to make as many copies within your family that you need.  I am using this study with my 4,6,8,10,12, and 14 year olds.  We complete one lesson per week but you could definitely work through it much faster if you choose to work longer each day.  

There are 9 lessons in this study plus an ending review.  Lessons include:

The Last Supper
The Religious Trials
The Civil Trials
The Crucifixion
The Death and Burial of Jesus
The Resurrection
The Witnesses
The Ascension

Each lesson starts with a timeline drawing.

 Then there are two pages of lessons with review questions and a Bible memory verse.  
The last part of the lesson is a drawing page.  
With a four day a week schedule we do the Timeline Review Page on Day 1, Lesson Page 1 on Day 2, Lesson Page 2 on Day 3, and the Drawing Page on Day 4.

In addition to the student and teacher books, you will need a dry erase board and markers, a Bible, colored pencils, Bible Dictionary, and Bible Atlas.  
Grapevine Studies has been working very well for my family. The teacher's guide gives all the instructions to the teacher.  Lesson goals and and key points for each lesson on included along with drawings of all the stick figures, instructions for drawing the figures, Bible verses to be read, and review question answers.  The instructions are very easy to follow and easy to teach.
I love the stick figuring aspect.  The children can all do the drawings and even add some creative flair to them.  It helps them to remember the timeline and the stories we have been discussing.

The biggest bonus for me is the ability to use it with all of my children at the same time.  It can be very challenging to find a Bible study that suits a wide range of ages.  My youngest just turned 5 and she enjoys using the traceable.  My 6 year old just decided she would rather do the drawings on her own.  My oldest using this study just turned 14 and he really is at the top end of the range to use it.  I love that the ebooks can be used with multiple children making it very economical for us to use.  The pages are black and white and do not use a lot of ink.
We choose to do the review questions and verses orally.  But, you could have your children write these down if you prefer.  Just recently I have started having the children 8 and up look up the verses for the lessons and read them aloud rather than having me read it all to them.

We have greatly enjoyed The Resurrection study and look forward to finishing it up and starting on another Grapevine Study.

For the month of March, The Resurrection studies are 20%.  No coupon needed.

A free elesson is available of The Last Supper.

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