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Our Family

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Homeschool Science Camp: The Dirt Beneath Our Feet

* I was provided with the items for Homeschool Science Camp free of charge.  Please see my disclaimer at the bottom of the post for more information.

Last month, I told you about our fun Homeschool Science Camp activity, Ecosystem in a Bottle.  Our Pizza Garden is growing quite well!  The children so enjoyed this activity!  I enjoyed that it was so easy to do, used easy to find materials, and most importantly it actually worked! (Surely I am not the only homeschool mom to try experiments and activities that do not work?)

Our activity for February was a mini activity called The Dirt Beneath Our Feet.  For this activity we learned about how important soil and the different components that make up the soil,  To help us remember what we learned, we made a tasty snack.

To see a video of this activity click on this link.

The first thing we did after reading through the worksheets was to gather all of our supplies.  We used:

Plastic cups
M & M's
Vanilla Wafers (generic)
Oreo Cookies (generic)
Gummy Worms
Big Sprinkles
Small Sprinkles

First we added our bedrock.  We used M & M's for the bedrock.

Next we added our subsoil.  We broke up vanilla wafers for the subsoil.

After that we added in our topsoil.  We crushed up generic oreo cookies for the topsoil.

Next we added a decomposer.  Gummy worms were the decomposers we chose.  The boys wanted to add more topsoil over the top of the gummy worms.

Organic Matter was the next item to go in.  We used the large sprinkles to represent the organic matter.

Last we added in microbes.  The little sprinkles were the microbes in our soil snack.

Here is what it looked like when they were finished.

Then they ate it!

We can't wait for our next #campSci project next month!

Disclaimer: I received the products in this kit complimentary from Monsanto as part of their #CampSci Homeschool Science program.  I received no other compensation and all opinions in this post are mine. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC regulations.
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