Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 11, 2016

March Homeschool Park Day: Archaeology

Our homeschool group has been setting up once a month park days that have a theme.  Since March is national Archaeology Month, the theme for this month's park day was archaeology.  It was supposed to be held at the park, but due to weather (it's been raining all week!) we had to move inside.  We were still able to do all of the activities except the scavenger hunt.

We talked about what archaeologists do and why and the kinds of things they find.

Then we made trace fossils.

We looked at examples of cave drawings and then did a group cave drawing.  For this activity they could use chalks, oil pastels, or markers and draw part of a story.

We hung up the drawing.  They did a great job!  My camera ran out of batteries so I had to use my phone for the rest of the pictures.

They could do another cave drawing on a smaller piece of paper to take home with them.

They also got to dig chocolate chips out of a chocolate chip cookies using tooth picks.

The trace fossils turned out really cool!

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