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Our Family

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 25

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It started raining on Tuesday and rained all the way until Saturday (and actually we are under a tornado watch right now as I am typing this so we may get more rain tonight!)  Thankfully we did not get the flooding that some of the other southern states got and we had several breaks between rain showers.  The children got to be outside some and we had some activities that kept them busy this week.

Week 25 in our Homeschool

Bible: We completed lesson 4 of our GrapeVine Studies, The Resurrection, on the Civil Trials of Jesus.  For the month of March, this study is 20 % off no coupon needed.  There is also a free lesson of The Last Supper available for download.

P.E.: Two days of yoga and one day of Family Time Fitness.

Read Aloud: We finished Corrie Ten Boom Keeper of Angel's Den.

History: In The Mystery of History Vol IV, we completed lessons 67-69 on The Korean War, The Bay of Pigs Invasion and Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Assassination of JFK.  The boys completed their worksheets, timeline figures, and memory cards.  Their teacher did not give them a map assignment ;)

Science: We read Chapter 3 of The Archaeology Book from Master Books.  This book is creation based which is so nice to see!  It is hard to find creation based books on some topics!

My Father's World Adventures: Our science topic was the senses.  We did not do the activity since we have done it before recently.  In our state study we covered Maine, Missouri, and Arkansas.  We are almost halfway through On the Banks of Plum Creek.
These rocks Christian brought out because we were talking about the diamond mine and he got them there

Math: The children completed lesson 23 if each of their Math U See levels.

Art: We are still using ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Book Three.  We did lesson on 27 on Piet Mondrian and arranged blocks of color.  I think their projects turned out great!



Grammar/Writing/Literature: No PAL writing this week.  We completed Lesson 27 of Fix It! Grammar.  Alex finished lesson 4 of LLATL and we started a new review of Apologia's Writers in Residence.  Nick is working through Memoria Press's 8th grade literature set.  We decided to start with Treasure Island.

Reading/Spelling: We completed lesson 4 of LOE Essentials.  Alex finished lesson 22 of the Phonetic Zoo.  Anthony and Christian did lesson 30 of All About Reading  Level 3.  Lily finished lessons 8 and 9 of AAR Level 2.

Preschool: Emmie is working on an ABC book from Homeschool Copywork.

I have several reviews in the upcoming weeks including:

Demme Learning
Logic of English Essentials
Memoria Press 8th Grade Literature
Apologia Writers in Residence
Times Tales
Homeschool Copywork
Stopmotion Explosion
Zeezok Publishing Music Appreciation Book One For Elementary Grades
Talking Fingers
ARTistic Pursuits

The Schoolhouse Review Crew Facebook page shares not only reviews, but also homeschool encouragement, crafts, recipes, and more.  Stop by and like our page!

Other Activities This Week:

Monday the girls had gymnastics and Christian had soccer.  Soccer was rained out the rest of the week.

Wednesday we had Kid's Club.

Thursday we had our monthly homeschool park day.  It was moved inside because of weather.  The theme was archaeology.  We had a great time!

Friday we went to a play called Apollo to the Moon.  On Thursday at our park day, one of the homeschool moms mentioned that her mother who works at a local school was attending this play with her school kids.  I asked if she knew if they would allow homeschoolers to attend as the information she had said school groups (we were looking for something to do to keep the kids busy in the rain!)  She made a phone call and they said they would love to have us attend.  We had never been to that theater before so the three families who were going met up and followed each other out.  For me it was about an hour drive.  The theater was amazing.  It had great seating and was really, really nice.  The staff was so friendly and helpful.  The cost was only $1 per student and teachers (which included us homeschool moms) were free.  The play itself was geared for 3-4th graders.  It was a one man show about a boys dream to go to space as a scientist.  It showed real footage on a TV screen from the space race: the satellites that went up, JFK talking about getting a man on the moon, news of his assassination, the reading of Genesis from the first Americans in space, footage from the first landing on the moon. We enjoyed it and it fit into what Nick and Alex had covered on JFK in history that week.  We have an opportunity to go back to the theater next month for a production for the younger children called How the Camel Got His Hump.

After the play we went to McDonalds for ice cream and then had to do our grocery shopping.

Saturday the boys worked most of the day on some Stop Motion Films.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

*links to GrapeVine Studies and All About Learning Press are my affiliate links.  I only form affiliate relationships with companies whose products I actually use and can recommend!
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