Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, November 14, 2015

November Grandview Co-op

Yesterday was our monthly co-op at Rick Evans Grandview Prairie.  We are continuing our series on the Caddo Indians.  In September we learned about Indian toys and made corn husk dolls.  In October we learned about tools and did a weaving project, ground corn, and made bows and arrows. This month we talked about clothing and made moccasins.

We had a small group this month with only 9 children participating.

First they had to make the pattern by tracing their foot, adding a one inch seam allowance around it, making a boot shape, and cutting it out.

Next we had to cut out the felt.  We did that for the children.  They could choose between red, brown, black, or gray and surprisingly almost everyone wanted red.

Then we had to thread the needles and ties the knots.  The children sewed the areas from halfway down the boot to the bottom and around the toe.

And thats how far we were able to get in almost and hour and a half.  So supplies were sent home to finish up.  We had to turn the moccasin inside out and sew around the flap.  This finished the moccasin.  Then we had leather strips to string a few beads on to tie around the ankle and hold the moccasin on.

The children really liked these moccasins!  My three youngest finished up wore last night and had to put them on right away.  They had them on again this morning.  Tonight we will finish up Anthony and Alex's.

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