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Our Family

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

We took the whole week of Thanksgiving off, but like most things in life it did not go as I had planned.

Monday Christian, Lily, Emmie, and I went to the annual 4 H Holiday Craft workshop.  Lily and Christian made several fun crafts and had a great time!  Emmie wouldn't make anything, but she had fun anyway.  I took a bunch of pictures but since my camera is broken I had to use Chelsea's and she has it out of town right now.

This week since Art was off he took the opportunity to work on the living room upstairs that has been empty for a long time.  Every time it seemed like we would have a chance to get something done in there, something would come up like other major things breaking and it had to be pushed down on the list of priorities.  But, it is now painted and the floor is in!  The fireplace still needs to get finished, the trim needs to be put back on, and the new ceiling fan needs to go up, but it is getting there!

Tuesday night Nick and Alex were wrestling around and Nick kicked Alex in the hand.  We iced it down and gave him Motrin but it still was hurting a lot Wednesday morning, so I took him to Hot Springs to the Urgent Care Clinic.  He has a chip in the knuckle of his little finger.  He is wearing a splint for a week and then getting it rechecked.

I had lots of little helpers getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Anthony made chocolate pie.

Lily made cherry pie and dinner rolls.

Emelia made pumpkin and apple pie.

Chelsea helped quite a bit in the kitchen too.  That night Art had to take her to Little Rock to catch a bus to Atlanta for National 4 H Congress.

Also on Thursday Lily complained of a headache and sore throat.  Sure enough she had a fever.  Friday she still didn't feel well but wasn't any worse.  By Saturday though she was much worse.  Her fever would not stay down, her glands in her throat were very swollen, and she was having trouble swallowing.  Also her left ear hurt.  So I headed back to Urgent Care with her.  She ended up on antibiotics for a double ear infection.  Saturday night and Sunday was really rough for her but she started feeling a little bit better Sunday night and thankfully started drinking willingly and ate for the first time since Friday.

Today we were planning on getting back to a normal routine, but Lily is still on the couch and Christian started running fever too!  We have two Christmas parties this week and they want to get the decorations up so hopefully everyone will be feeling better to do all that.  The children stay fairly healthy but usually once or twice a year (Nov/Dec and Feb/March)  we get something that goes through all of them.  Praying it will not hit anyone as hard as it did Lily and it will pass quickly!

Happy Homeschooling!

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