Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 5, 2014

Nature Seekers 4 H Christmas Party

For the last several years, my 4 H Club has done pretty much the same thing for a Christmas party, but the children request it, so we keep going with it.  We do a pizza party, make an edible Christmas craft, a craft to donate to the nursing home, and one other craft.  One year I added in some games too and was planning on it this year, but forgot and ran out of time.

Our party was yesterday.  I had 16 children plus parents, two older siblings, and one baby.  It was a really good group.  Since the building we usually hold on meetings in is all decorated for Christmas, we usually have our Christmas party at my church in the fellowship hall.  There is a pizza place not far from my house that sells large cheese pizzas for $4.99 and one topping pizzas for $5.99.  I ordered 6 pizzas and brought 4 two liters of soda.  A club member made some cake pops and cupcakes for dessert.

After eating pizza we made the edible craft.  It was one we made many years ago but the only ones who made it that are still in the club were Nick and Alex and they didn't mind doing it again.  We made Santa on his sleigh.

We were going to split the Twizlers, but they liked them like this

To make this craft we needed: small candy canes, graham crackers, teddy grahams, frosting, licorice, pretzels, a chocolate wrapped Santa, and a paper plate.  I also got some Hershey kisses to put in the back of the sleigh for a present.

Using the frosting as "glue" we stuck the candy canes to the plate.  Then stuck two pieces of graham crackers to the canes, and stood up a third graham cracker to create a seat.  Using more frosting we stuck pretzels on the sides to make the side of the sleigh.  Then we used frosting to stick teddy graham reindeer to the plate.  We put Santa in his sleigh, gave him licorice reins, and put a Hershey Kiss in the back of the sleigh for a present.  Then they ate them!

Next we made foam door knob hangers to donate to the nursing home.  I got peel and stick foam kits from Oriental Trading, no glue needed!

Then we made pine cone bird feeders. We have done this craft many times in our club, but for some reason it never gets old and they want to do it every year.

I was very thankful to have lots of parent help for the clean up.  We were finished up in no time!

It was a great party!

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