Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 16

This week was a much better week.  Everyone is mostly over the illnesses that have plagued them the last couple of weeks, although they still have a lingering cough.  We had a great last week before Christmas vacation!

Week 16 in our Homeschool

Bible: We finished up the biography we were reading about Jesus.

History: In Mystery of History Vol III we finished lessons 37-39 on Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I , and John Knox and the Scottish Reformation.  We also completed the memory cards and timeline figures.

Science: We finished reading Chapter 9 of Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics and did the vocabulary and copywork assignments from the notebooking journal.

Grammar/Writing/Literature- Since it was a short week for us because we had a Grandview co-op day, I decided to not do literature with Anthony and Christian.  Nick and Alex did not do grammar this week, but did get the last part of the key word outline completed on Lesson 11 of IEW Medieval History Writing.

Spelling/Reading- Anthony and Christian worked on the fluency pages of lesson 2 of All About Reading.  Alex finished Lesson 22 of All About Spelling.

Language- We finished Word Up! The Vocab Show.

Math-  Nick and Alex finished Lesson 16 of their Math U See books and Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 15 of their Math U See books.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

This week we completed the Dinosaur unit.  Since we have done so much with dinosaurs and fossils in the last year, I made a few changes to the activities.  She did all of the worksheets, but we didn't make a stuffed dinosaur or dig up bones.  We did do some dinosaur drawings and I made a little sensory bin with water beads and plastic dinosaurs that I found for $1 at Target.

Other Activities this Week:

Monday we made gingerbread men.  And the children decorated outside.

Tuesday Lily was VERY happy to be back at gymnastics!

Wednesday we had our Gandview Co-op.

Thursday Christian, Anthony, Lily and I made some homemade snow globes.  These did not turn out as well as I'd hoped, but the children really liked them.  We also put out our Christmas village.

Friday we had to run errands and do grocery shopping.

Saturday my mom and dad arrived and will be here all week!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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