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Our Family

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 14

This was our last week before Thanksgiving break.  We are taking the whole week off for Thanksgiving.  I am ready for a little break, but I bet that Lily will still ask to do school.

Week 14 in Our Homeschool

Bible: We finished the biography we were reading by Nancy I. Sanders on the apostle Paul and moved on to a biography on Mary.  Since we do not have a Bible curriculum we are using right now, I just read extra chapters of the biography.

History- In Mystery of History Vol III we finished lessons 31-33 on Ivan the Terrible, Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier, and the Jesuits, and the Explorers of North America.  We completed the corresponding memory cards and timeline figures, but I did not get the maps printed out.  I really need to work on that!

Science- We finished Chapter 8 in Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics.  We did not do any of the experiments this week.  The boys also did the vocabulary and copywork that was assigned in the notebooking journals.

Grammar/Writing/Literature- Nick and Alex finished lesson 13 of Fix it! Grammar.  They also did some polishing on last week's IEW lesson and we decided not to move on to a new lesson since we were taking a week off.  Christian read The Grinch in Lightning Lit this week.  He wrote a paper about Christmas.  We also had to watch the Grinch cartoon after reading the book since it is one of their favorites.  Anthony finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We watched the movie for our Friday night movie, but he did not like it any where near as much as the book.  He wants to read Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator so he can see what happens to Charlie next.

Spelling/Reading- Alex finished lesson 21 of AAS.  Christian and Anthony worked on lesson 2 of All About Reading Level 2 this week.

Language- We did lesson 7 and 8 of Word Up! this week.

Math- Nick and Alex finished lesson 14 of their books this week while Christian and Anthony did lesson 13 of their Math U See books this week.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

This week we finished up the lesson on "u" with the Bible theme of God Made Us Wonderful.  The main science theme of this unit was on the 5 senses and the activities were related to the senses.  She also completed some worksheets and worked more on blending letters to make words.

We finished on Wednesday and instead of starting a new unit on Thursday we worked on a section of our animal classification workbook that we had not finished yet from Grandview.

Other Activities This Week

Tuesday we had gymnastics.

Thursday we sold some rabbits.  Yay!  And actually ended up selling the others by today.  We kept one of them.

Thursday was also Alex's 11th birthday.  He wanted a triple layer strawberry cake and wanted to make it himself.  He did have a little bit of help.  The cake turned out great!

Friday we had to run several errands including dropping off Operation Christmas Child boxes from our 4 H club and a few we  did too.

We also had shop class.  The boys made chalkboard easels.  I paired a big brother with a younger brother and we took home two projects.  The girls and I ran to Brookshire's and Walmart to do some grocery shopping.  Then home to pizza and a movie.

Saturday Art and I went to lunch and did some shopping just the two of us.  We had not been anywhere alone in I can't remember how long.  Chelsea was off of work so she stayed home with the other children.  It was a very nice day!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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