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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 11

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So this week was one of those weeks that I just could not get it together!  Tell me I am not the only one that happens too.  I cannot figure out why really, we have had busier weeks that were much more organized but the reason doesn't really matter, we get to start brand new next week!

I did not get a single photo of our homeschool work this week.

Week 11 in our Homeschool

Bible: I had an opportunity to review a really good Bible series for kids a few weeks ago.  Since it was a book review, I read through all of them on my own but never had an opportunity to read them with all of the children.  They are called The Get to Know series by Nancy I. Sanders. These books are great full color biographies for children and so far there is one on David, Paul, Mary, and Jesus. We started reading the one on David this week.  We also are still reading What On Earth Can I Do?  We started chapter 7 Why It Isn't Easy Being Green?  We have had some great conversations on the difference between being good stewards of the earth and turning the earth itself into an idol.

History:  We started Quarter 2 in Mystery of History.  We did lessons 22, 23, and 24 on Seleiman and the Ottoman Turks, Ulrich Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation, and the Anabaptist Movement and Menno Simons.  We did the corresponding memory cards and time line figures.

Science: We were still missing our Exploring Chemistry and Physics With Creation text book on Tuesday since I had loaned it to a friend (the boys didn't mind) but we finished up learning about the 3 Laws of Motion and did the copywork and vocabulary notebooking pages.  We also did another lesson in Fascinating Chemistry.

Spelling: Alex finished step 19 in AAS Level 4.  I am still in review mode with Anthony and Christian.  As I mentioned before they do fine during their spelling lesson, but when it comes to recognizing their spelling words other places, they are just not getting it.  So, I did go ahead and buy the elements of All About Reading Level 2 that I did not have (I had bought the readers before there was a complete All About Reading program) and we will start working on that when it arrives this week.

Math: Nick and Alex finished up lesson 11 of their Math U See books (Pre-Algebra and Delta) and Christian and Anthony finished lesson 10 of their books (Beta and Gamma.)  Alex struggled a bit with his lesson this week it was on finding the average of a list of numbers.  Completing his worksheets took much longer than usual, One of the things that confused him was that he was accidentally counting the problem number as one of the numbers he was dividing.  For example one of his problems would look like this:  3. 4,6,8,2.  He would add it up, get 23, and then try to divide it by 5 instead of adding it up to 20 and dividing by 4. I went through his pages and put ( ) all around the problem numbers so he would count those in accidentally again and it made the rest of the week go much smoother :)

Language: We are reviewing Word Up! which is a really fun and funny DVD teaching children both Latin and Greek root words.  I had planned on doing one lesson per week, but we did 3 lessons last week because they wanted to watch it every day!

Literature/Writing/Grammar-Christian started reading Dr. Desoto for Lightning Literature.  We did get a few of the corresponding grammar worksheets completed but have not yet started his paper about what he wants to be when he grows up.  Anthony has read (well actually I read it aloud) up to chapter 12 in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  He LOVES this book!  We did his corresponding worksheets but did not get his paper started yet on creating a story with two characters and a conflict yet.  Nick and Alex completed lesson 10 of Fix it! Grammar and are STILL working on the same lesson in writing as they have for the last two weeks.  Moving on next week!

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

I only got school done with Lily 3 days this week.  But it worked out well because she finished the unit on nests on Wednesday and we will start on turtles next week.  To finish up the unit we did a bird sequencing sheet and wrote a little story to go along with it, drew pictures of words starting with "n", and practiced writing the letter "n", did a nest craft, did some exercises with the cusenaire rods book on the letter n, read Annie and the Snowball and the Crazy Nest and Horton Hatches the egg (one of my favorites) and did some bird watching outside.  Our Bible lessons were all about how God takes care of us.

Other Activities This Week:

I had a 4 H Leaders meeting on Monday.  We are required 4 hours of leader training per year and this was half of our required training.  So I dropped Christian off at the field to his daddy and went on to my meeting.  They lost the game, but Christian scored a goal!

Tuesday we had gymnastics and soccer.  Not enough time to go home in between, so the children ended up with chicken nuggets and fries from McDonalds for supper in the van.  The rain started about 20 minutes before the game but since there was no thunder or lightning they played in the rain.

Wednesday we carved the 3 pumpkins that we grew in the garden this year.  We also made some sugar cookies with jack o lantern faces.

Thursday was the local Trick or Treat.  They moved it to Thursday so it wouldn't conflict with high school football.  Since we do not live in a neighborhood and our neighbors are cows we go to the local Trick or Treat Trail at the city park with 2-3,000 other people.  We get there early and leave quickly :) Our church youth were handing out candy, so Chelsea dressed up and helped with that since she did not have to work.

Friday Christian and Alex had to do some target practice with their new rifle for the youth hunt that was this week-end.  Then the girls wanted a turn too so their daddy got out a smaller gun for them to shoot with.  (Somehow I missed Alex and didn't get a picture of him.)  Alex went hunting Saturday morning and Christian Saturday evening.  No deer.  Alex is back out right now so maybe he will get one.

Saturday Christian had 2 more soccer games.  It was ccccoooolllldddd!  Well for Arkansas anyway.  It was 34 when we headed out to the games.  I was wearing multiple layers of clothing and had blankets so it wasn't too bad, but I am ready for soccer to be over because I do not like cold weather! This is the last week until spring.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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