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Our Family

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 13

13 weeks done and only about 3 to go until the end of 2014!  We will take an entire week off for Thanksgiving and will only do school the first two weeks of December because my parents will be here for a week and then daddy will be on Christmas vacation.  And I've got to add it is COLD here in Arkansas!  COLD!  Not cold for many of you northern people, but it is cold for Arkansas.  Even my 7 year old says that he cannot remember ever having a fall this cold, but it looks like it will get a little warmer by the end of the week.

Week 13 in our Homeschool:

Bible: We finished up What On Earth Can I Do?  We are still reading our biography on Paul.  I am planning on starting back with Bible Study Guide For All Ages after the holidays, but until then will find some things to fill in with.

History: We finished lessons 28,29, and 30 in Mystery of History this week.  They were Titian and the Rise of Venice, Women of the Renaissance and Reformation, and John Calvin.  We also completed the corresponding memory cards and timeline figures.

Science: We completed the notebooking assignments for Chapter 7 and did an experiment with different types of paper airplanes.  They had so much fun flying the planes!

Spelling/Reading-Alex didn't do spelling this week.  Oops!  My All About Reading Level 2 stuff came in on Wednesday so we were able to do the first lesson.  The boys had fun feeding the anteater and reviewing open and closed syllables.  I am hoping the hands on activities and the fluency exercises will help increase their fluency.

Math-Nick and Alex finished up Lesson 13 of their Math U See books and Christian and Anthony finished up Lesson 12 of their Math U See books.

Language-Still working our way through Word Up!  The boys love it!

Literature/Writing/Grammar-Christian finished up his activities with Frog and Toad and started reading The Grinch.  Anthony is still reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We will finish it this week and then watch the movie on Friday.  Nick and Alex finished lesson 12 in Fix it! Grammar and Lesson 10 of IEW Medieval History Writing.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

We finished up the unit on Turtles.  We made a turtle snack, read the Tortoise and the Hare, and ran some races.  Which by the way Lily told me I was too old to run.  Can you believe that?  I did in fact run three races with her: one running, one hopping, and one skipping.  I did though admit that I was too old to do a somersault race!

We started the unit on the letter "u." The letter u is for us and the Bible lesson is "God made us wonderful."  We have been learning about the human body, more specifically the 5 senses.  So far we have done activities related to hearing and touch.

Anthony had an opportunity to do one of the lessons in the  LEGO WeDo program this week too.

Other Activities This Week

Tuesday was gymnastics for Lily.

Wednesday we went to Grandview for hands on science and art co-op.

Thursday we were very busy baking for the 4 H Bake sale on Friday.  Each of the children made something.  Lily and Emmie made blueberry muffins, Christian made sugar cookies with bright blue icing and fish sprinkles, Anthony (with Nick's help) made brownies, and Alex made a cinnamon roll cake.  I made some cinnamon rolls, bread, 2 different kinds of muffins, and a spice cake.

I did not get a picture of Alex, Anthony , or Nick baking because I had to drive to town to pick up other people's baked goods and they made their stuff while I was gone.

Friday was the bake sale.  We spent a little over 3 hours outside of Walmart.  It was not very warm but thankfully the sun was out and there was no wind.  We grabbed some groceries and pizza from Pizza Hut before heading home to pizza and a movie, our Friday night tradition.

Saturday Chelsea was off of work which is very unusual.  Daddy was off hunting so we headed to Texarkana and saw Big Hero 6 and did some shopping.  The movie was very good.  The children loved it!

It is cold and wet today so after church we have been just hanging around watching movies and relaxing.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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