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Our Family

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 12

12 weeks completed in this homeschool year!  It sure has been flying by!

Week 12 in our Homeschool:

Bible: We finished up the biography we were reading on King David this week.  I have not yet decided what we will be reading aloud next week.  I had wanted to do a read aloud on missionaries or a biography on Paul.  I will have to decide by tomorrow :) We started lesson 8 in What On Earth Can We Do?  The chapter is entitled "What Will Happen When the Master Returns?"  This is the last chapter in the book and we will finish it up this week.  Then I will have to decide what to use to fill in for a few weeks before starting back with Bible Study Guide For All Ages after the holidays.

History: This week's history lessons covered a lot of information.  We finished lessons 25-27 in Mystery of History Vol III on Babur, Akbar, and the Mughal Dynasty of India, Henry VIII and His Many Wives, and Sir Thomas More.  We also completed the time line figures, memory cards, and mapping assignments.

Science: In Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics we finished reading Lesson 7 on the Dynamics of Motion.  We had an opportunity to do a few experiments on van der Waals force, centripetal force, and air resistance.

Spelling: Alex finished up lesson 20 in AAS.  I ordered the components for AAR Level 2 for Christian and Anthony, but they haven't arrived yet.  FedEx Smart Post has to be the slowest shipping service ever!  Until it arrives we are just reviewing words from Level One of AAR.

Math: Nick and Alex just finished up Lesson 12 of their Math U See books.  Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 11 of their Math U See books.

Language: We are still working our way through Word Up! from Compass Classroom.  I will be posting a complete review on this soon.

Literature: Christian finished his paper on what he wants to be when he grows up.  He decided he wants to be an author.  We started reading Frog and Toad this week and completed the corresponding worksheets.  Anthony is still enjoying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  He really wants to finish to this week so he can watch the movie.  He has completed the corresponding worksheet and we will start on his paper this week.  Nick and Alex finished Lesson 9 in IEW Medieval Writing Lessons and Lesson 11 in Fix It! Grammar.

Anthony working on a puzzle waiting for his turn in Literature

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

We started working on a new unit this week.  This unit focuses on the letter "T", turtles, and persevering instead of giving up.  So far Lily has learned a new poem, filled out her calender, and 100 chart, made her letter "T" picture envelope, read a non fiction book on turtles, watched turtle eggs hatch (youtube), watch sea turtles swim (youtube), did some worksheets on the letter "T" and the number 6, made her turtle badge, and made a paper plate turtle. She also pretended to be a turtle using a clothes basket as a shell. In this unit, they also start learning how to blend letters into words.

Emmie is learning the MFW flashcards too

Other Activities this Week

It was another busy one!  Art's truck motor blew up last week which caused a bit of a transportation issue and a decision that had to be made to purchase a new vehicle.

Monday night was the first night of Christian's soccer tournament.  They won!  which meant we were supposed to play again on Tuesday.  Tuesday is normally gymnastics day so I rearranged my schedule planning on gymnastics, running some errands, picking up daddy, then heading to soccer.  Gymnastics ended up being rescheduled to Wednesday and the weather caused soccer to be moved to Thursday.  We still picked up daddy from work though :)

The girls made quite a village on the rainy day

Wednesday afternoon we went to gymnastics and then drove 1 1/2 hours to pick up daddy's new truck.  We went out to eat (my children love going out to eat!) and then drove back home.  It is a nice truck though and we are pleased with the purchase.

Thursday was soccer.  We lost.  He had a great time and I am very thankful the season is over!

Friday we worked on cleaning house.  There have been a LOT of things that have been neglected since we have been so busy.  We are working on trying to catch those things up!

Saturday Art had to run to Lowes (a little over an hour away.)  Alex went with him but the rest of us stayed home.  Sometimes it is so nice to just stay home!  Art and Alex went hunting out in the yard when they got home and Art ended up with 2 deer.  That was big excitement of course as all the children had to go out and watch daddy process the deer.

Our rabbits turned 5 weeks old this week and will hopefully be ready to head to some new homes soon!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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