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Our Family

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up:Week One

This week was our first week of the 20142015 school year.  We are easing back into our school year one subject at a time.  This week we started working in our new Math U See math books.  Nick is doing Pre-Algebra, Alex is in Delta, Anthony is using Gamma, and Christian is using Beta.  I do not start Math U See until 1st grade, so Lily did not get a math book.  She will use some worksheets I print off the computer and maybe a simple workbook or two.  We still use our Learning Wrap Ups and Palettes which are great for review and mastery of math facts.

The first day of the week, they watch the Math U See video and complete a worksheet.  Then they do a new worksheet each of the next three days.  If they show they understand the concept by Thursday, we move on to a new lesson the next week.  If they do not, we continue on with the same lesson until they do show mastery.

Lily, Christian, Anthony, and Emelia had some fun building with the manipulative blocks.

The children have been very anxious to get started on the Lego WeDo curriculum that I bought.  My disc drive is broken in my laptop, so first I had to order a new DVD drive so I could load the software.  It arrived last week so we were able to get started on Tuesday.  We are working on learning how to build the models and program the software.  There are several different practice type exercises we are working through.  They have really enjoyed it.  It is very cool!  It is also very easy to understand and the boys have been amazed they could "tell" the program what to do and it works!  They can't wait until we get through the practice exercises and get to work on the first real program.

Chelsea started classes at the local community college.  She is taking College Algebra, Biology, Composition I, Western Civilization to 1700, and a required course called Success Strategies.  She has classes Mon-Thurs with Fridays off, the same schedule she has had her whole homeschool career.  Her classes are small and she knew several people that were in class with her. She got off to a rather uneventful start with the exception that one of her teachers was not able to attend classes this week, but will hopefully be back soon.

This next week we will be adding grammar, literature, and writing to our school day.

Happy Homeschooling!
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