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Our Family

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up: Week 2

We had another great week in our homeschool!  I really have been pleased so far with how smoothly it has gone.  Last week we started with math and this week added in writing, literature, and grammar.  Next week spelling and latin will go into the mix.

We have only been working in the afternoon so far.  This week we have been working on items for our 4 H club's fair booth in the morning.  It did end up being a bit more involved than I had thought, but hopefully it will all turn out ok.

Nick, Alex, and Anthony all moved on to lesson 2 in their Math U See levels.  Christian did not.  We were missing a Beta DvD and he wanted to wait and watch the lesson before he moved on.  I found one used and it arrived so he will be good to go this week.

Nick and Alex completed their first paper in IEW Medieval History writing lessons.  It was on the middle ages.  Nick started lesson 1 of Fix It Grammar and Alex is still working through Junior Analytical Grammar.  The younger children read a great book as part of the Lightning Literature Level One curriculum called Chickens Aren't The Only Ones.  It is a very colorful, non fiction book about all of the animals that lay eggs.  We will be looking for my books by this author as we all really enjoyed it.  In addition to the worksheets in the book, Christian wrote a paper on duck billed platypus (well he dictated it, I wrote it.)  I just found out that I am part of the trial for Lightning Literature 3rd grade, so Anthony will be able to get started on that soon.

Our My Father's World Curriculum came in on Friday, so Lily wanted to get started with it on Saturday.  The first several days on on creation.  We of course started with day 1 and completed some activities to go along along with the first day of creation.  I also got all of her letter cards and flash cards laminated, cut apart, and put into baggies, so we will be able to find them when we need them.

The boys favorite part of the week has been working with their Lego curriculum.  We completed two projects this week, dancing birds and a spinning top.  They built the models and programmed them all by themselves.  It was very cool!  They are going to work through this curriculum very quickly.  If I let them they might finish it all in one day!

This week there is a lot going on!  The fair starts tomorrow and soccer is starting up this week as well. Lily is starting a gymnastics class too (hopefully she will like it.)  Let the fall craziness begin!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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