Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Curriculum Choices for the 2014/2015 School Year: 7th Grade

Soon it will be that time again.  A new start to a new school year.  Although we have done some school during the summer, our regular school year runs from August until May.  I have made some final decisions about what we will be using for our main curriculum choices for the 2014/2015 school year and will be posting each age range over the next week or so.  We will of course also be doing some reviews throughout the year and will make room for some electives as well.

Our main curriculum choices for 7th Grade Include:

History: Mystery of History Vol 3 with Home School In the Woods timeline figures

Literature: Instead of a formal literature program I have chosen selections off of the Sonlight 7th grade reading list.  He will complete one selection per month.

Plus whatever review products come our way.

I am excited about the upcoming school year and all of the great things we will learn!
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