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Our Family

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4 H Science Workshop and Mid America Field Trip

Monday morning, we had a 4 H science work shop.  Lily, Christian, Anthony, Alex, and Christian all attended and Emmie and I stayed too.  Several teen leaders volunteered their time to lead the various stations that were set up.  The children were split up into 5 groups and rotated through the different stations.  A few of the activities we have done before, but there were fun and the children sure didn't mind doing them again!.  They had worksheets that they filled out for each station talking about the experiment, what kind of science category it fell under, what they thought would happen, and what actually happened.  Some of the things they did included: marshmallow catapults, making bath salts, painting with crystals, building futuristic inventions out of Legos, a lung expansion experiment, a water molecule experiment, a balloon experiment, and a chemical reaction using vinegar and steel wool.  We also had a snack that demonstrated the different layers of soil.

Of course you want to see some pictures!

The Lego station was just about everyone's favorite!  They would've spent all day there if we would have let them.

They decided it would be fun to take a science related field trip to go along with the work shop.  We headed up to Mid America Science Museum in Hot Springs the next day.  We love Mid America and buy family passes so can go whenever we want to.  But, it had been almost a year since we had been!  I had bought a certificate for passes back in December and never made it up there to activate them.  The good news is that since I didn't activate them until yesterday we have a whole year from yesterday until they expire.

First we had lunch at a pizza place in Hot Springs called Rod's Pizza Cellar.  We had never been there before, but the pizza was really good.  The large pizza was 17 inches and the slices were huge.  Nobody left hungry that's for sure.  Then we headed over to the museum.  We had less than 2 hours to spend there, so we did not get to see and do everything, but we were able to enjoy the new exhibits and spend time at our favorites.  Hopefully we will be able to take another trip up there soon.

We had a great time!
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