Our Family

Our Family

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Dentist, Bowling, and 4 H Cloverbud Mini Golf Outing

I did not mean to schedule all of this in one day.  When I set up the 4 H mini golf outing several weeks ago, i did not know it was the same day that the children's dentist appointments were scheduled.  It is hard to reschedule 7 children, so I try not to unless it can't be helped.  So it all ended up on the same day.

Our dentist is wonderful!  We drive an hour and a half one way to Texarkana AR to see a pediatric dentist.  He was recommended to me years ago and it is more than worth the drive.  Our children love him and the staff is wonderful too.  They get all of the children scheduled at the same time and we are out of there in less than an hour.  So, if you are looking for a pediatric dentist in the Texarkana area, I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Wharton- Palmer.  Yesterday was Emmie's first time getting her teeth cleaned.  They allow parents to go back when it is a child's first visit, but I just sent her on with the rest of her siblings who of course are old pros at the dentist.  Chelsea went first and Emmie held her hand while she got her teeth cleaned.  She was very inquisitive and got to look at all of the equipment to see how it worked before it was her turn.  She wasn't scared a bit!  When they were all done she came out proudly with her stickers, new toothbrush, tooth paste, and her prize just like the other children.  I do have to take Emmie, Lily, and Christian back in a few weeks for some repair work.

The bowling alley is 2 minutes from the dentist.  I signed the kids up for the Kids Bowl Free program where children 3-15 can bowl 2 free games every day all summer long.  We obviously do not get to use it everyday, but I told them when we were in Texarkana we would try to go.  So we headed over there after we grabbed some ice cream for being so good at the dentist.  It cost me $10.50 to rent their shoes.  Lily wanted to know why they didn't have pink shoes and the guy said he would look into that for her.  They had a great time bowling!  The bowling alley wasn't crowded at all and the people were so nice!  It was a much better experience than our last bowling trip.

Anthony started dancing when he got his first spare

Christian's first spare

 We hurried out of the bowling alley, ran though McDonald's drive through and started heading back.  We dropped Chelsea off to pick up her dad's car so she could go to work and picked up her dad so he could come mini golfing with us.  I thought it would be fun to do something different than our regular 4 H programs and the mini golf is close by and has a great deal for group outings.  Instead of being $8.50 for 18 holes it is $5 for groups of 15 or more.  Our club does not have a lot of money so each family had to pay their own admission.  The club bought some water and chips to have for a snack when we were finished.  It was a beautiful day close to 90 degrees but their was a breeze blowing.  We had a good turnout with 19 children and 2 parents golfing.

Our 4 H club is on a break until the end of August.  When we meet back again it will be time to get ready for the fair!
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