Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Moving Chicks to Their New Home

Back in April, I wrote a blog post about the chick that we hatched and the friends we went and bought her.  All seven chickens survived and are doing really well.  They have all of their feathers and are a pretty good size.  Honestly, they were making the shop a bit stinky, so we decided to move them out to their new home.

I love that my boys have learned so much from watching and helping their daddy make and fix things.  They are getting old enough now that they can do these things independently.  Since one of the small pens was empty we had attached it with the other one to make a larger space.  But there are only 2 chickens left in that pen so we split them back up to give the chicks a pen of their own.

All of the children enjoyed moving the chicks into the pen.

Anthony's favorite chicken Captain Jack Sparrow

Lily with Fred

Rapunzel the one we hatched

Nick with George

Emmie with Will

Christian with Phil
Guess I didn't get a picture of Alex with Larry.

They are pretty happy in their new home.
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