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Our Family

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 24

We had a busy week in our homeschool this week!

We completed 5 lessons in America the Beautiful this week.  Our favorite lesson was on Thomas Edison.  It was interesting too that we had that lesson the day after a certain evolutionary scientist had some not very nice comments about homeschoolers not being able to socialize and work with other people to make advances in science, especially since Thomas Edison was homeschooled because his teacher said that he could not learn.  Seems to me he did pretty well for himself and patented over 1000 inventions.  We are still reading Little Town on the Prairie as our read aloud.

In Land Animals we finished the chapter on Ungulates.  I confess that the younger children once again did not finish the lapbook on this chapter, but I am ok with that.  Emmie loves to put the animal stickers on our map, so Nick helped her put them all up.

Everyone finished another lesson of Math U See.  Alex, Christian, and Anthony all finished their All About Spelling lessons.  Nick and Alex started working on topic reports on dolphins for IEW and should finish them up next week.  Nicholas is moving rapidly through his Visual Latin lessons.

Lillian and Emelia finished up their Caps For Sale lapbooks.  We were using this free one from www.homeschoolshare.com.

Our free year for reviewing Adventus expired, so I went ahead and started paying for a subscription.  The girls really enjoy this program!

We had a great time at Grandview learning about Mammals!

Lillian began working on a review of a brand new program, Spelling You See.  She loves it so far!  She is also reviewing Talking Shapes a brand new app from Talking Fingers.  Alex started reviewing a DVD from ScienceandMath.com: Mastering 5th Grade Math-Volume 1-Fractions.  We had a good time Friday with our Valentine's Egg hunt using glow in the dark eggs from Egglo (review upcoming.)

We also made some Finger Paints and Eggcelent Egg Salad Sandwiches.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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