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Our Family

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 25

We had a pretty good week in our homeschool.  The weather this week was beautiful, and it was so nice to see  the sun that we set aside a few things that weren't all that important and spent hours playing outside!
Photo: Wondered where Anthony went as the rest of us are enjoying this beautiful day outside.  He ran inside for some string and a paper clip so he could make a fishing pole.
Anthony made a fishing pole

We are plugging along through America the Beautiful and just finished lesson 91.  Our newest read aloud is All of a Kind Family.  After finishing Little Town on the Prairie, Alex has asked me to read the next one in the Little House series, These Happy Golden Years for our bedtime book so we will start that one soon.

We finished Lesson 9 Order Artiodactyla.  It usually takes us 2 weeks to complete a lesson, but we finished this one in one week.

The rest of our work carried on as normal and all of the children finished another lesson in Math, Spelling, and Writing.  Lillian is loving her Spelling You See lessons!

I mentioned this on my facebook page the other day but I thought I would mention it here too.  I was amazed while rereading Little Town on the Prairie, especially the chapter on the School Exhibition, how different education is now then it was then.  During the exhibition, the children are called upon to do amazing mental arithmetic, grammar, geography, and recite poetry and other things.  Laura had to recite all of American history from Columbus to John Quincy Adams by memory! It seems to me that the further we advance technologically, the less educated we really are, and that is sad.  Another thing that I think made a huge difference in education was when we went to age segregated classrooms.  This created lower levels of learning and made younger children miss out from learning by listening to older children.  I say all this to say that is one of the things I love most about our homeschool.  All the children learning together and the amazing things the younger children learn from the older ones.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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