Our Family

Our Family

Monday, February 3, 2014

ABC Snacks: Letter C

The little girls and I have been making a snack a week following along All About Learning Press's ABC Snacks.  You can read my A post here and my B post here.  This week's snack for the letter C was Creeping Caterpillar Sandwich.

The suggestion for this snack was to spread peanut butter and jelly on a tortilla, but we decided to melt shredded cheese instead.  Also, instead of bell peppers for the legs and antennae, we used carrot sticks.  And, the grocery store was all out of cherry tomatoes so we used a cherry for the head.

The girls put the cheese on and I melted them in the toaster oven.  Then I cut them into segments and they put on the carrots and the cherry.

The girls really enjoyed this tasty caterpillar!

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